Mahindra to unveil 5 electric SUVs today, names leaked ahead of launch

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Mahindra to unveil 5 electric SUVs today, names leaked ahead of launch: Mahindra & Mahindra will reveal its Born Electric SUV range today i.e. on 15th August. The company has announced that it will offer a total of 5 electric SUVs. The curtain will be removed from the program Mahindra Electric SUVs to be held in Oxfordshire, the UK at 5 pm today. Along with this, the company will also give information about some special features of these electric SUVs.

Name of Mahindra Born Electric SUVs

According to the trademark filing, Mahindra registered 8 new names sometime back. These are XUV-e1, XUV-e2, XUV-e3, XUV-e5, XUV-e6, XUV-e7, XUV-e8 and XUV-e9. In these, the name XUV-e4 has been dropped. At the same time, it has not surfaced in the leaked list yet. As per the leaked details, the company can launch at least 8 electric SUVs under the XUV brand, out of which 5 SUVs will be unveiled today.

Mahindra to unveil 5 electric SUVs today names leaked ahead

Features of Mahindra Born Electric SUVs

As shown in the teaser, the Mahindra Born Electric SUV will run at a speed of 80 kmph in normal mode. There will also be a sports mode, which can give high speed. Currently, the popular electric cars available in India like Tata Nexon EV, MG ZS EV, and Hyundai Kona Electric have a top speed of around 140-155 kmph.

In terms of connectivity features, users will be able to make use of calls, messages, music, and turn-by-turn navigation. Apart from this, many remote functions will also be available. Apart from this, premium features like leather seats, a large touchscreen infotainment system, and wireless charging can be given in Mahindra Born Electric SUV.

Mahindra Born Electric SUVs Battery

According to reports, Mahindra Born Electric SUVs will come with a hyper-charging feature. Though its details are yet to be revealed it is expected that the Born Electric SUVs will have the lowest charging time in the segment.

Safety of Mahindra Born Electric SUVs

In terms of safety, these SUVs will come with features like side and curtain airbags, tire pressure monitoring system, 360-degree surround view monitor, blind view monitor, adaptive cruise control, driver sleeve detection, and electric smart door handle. Apart from this, the ADAS feature can also be introduced in these SUVs.

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