Man falls in love while stuck in Bengaluru traffic; read his love story here

Man falls in love while stuck in Bengaluru traffic; read his love story here
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An unconventional love story unfolded on the streets of Bengaluru a few years ago that is now warming the hearts of social media users. It started at a signal in the middle of a traffic jam at the infamous Ejipura flyover in the Koramangala area of the Karnataka capital. While jokes about the city’s well-known congestion and infrastructure fails are rampant on social media, this story of finding love at the most unexpected time wins the prize.

A Twitter user called Aj posted the story that was originally shared on Reddit. “Top drawer stuff on Reddit today @peakbengaluru,” he wrote.

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The Reddit post, written by a user called MaskedManiac92 read, “I’ve mentioned this in another thread, but I met my wife near Sony World Signal. I haven’t put the whole story there, but the gist is that one day I was dropping her home (only knew her as a friend back then) and we got stuck somewhere nearby because of the Ejipura flyover work.”

“We got frustrated and were hungry so we diverted and went and had dinner nearby. Anyway, I’ve dated her for 3 years since then and been married for 2 years, but the 2.5 km flyover is still under construction,” it added.

The post on Twitter has over 4000 likes and 450 retweets. Take a look:

Twitter loved the story and many flooded the comment section, with a user called Asghar saying, “This sounds like an interesting story and Bollywood should think about making it on the big screen.”

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Many also related hard to the time it takes for infrastructure projects to be completed. Another netizen wrote, “Yeah, can attest to that happening. My daughter joined Christ Junior college when the flyover work started, she has finished her graduation and joined masters and the flyover is still incomplete….”

Some were only interested in the food the couple had. “Just wanna know what they ate for dinner?” a tweet said.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and he indeed squeezed them assiduously, one must say!!” another reply read.

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