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Meet 14th September 2021 Written Update

Meet 14th September 2021 Written Update
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Meet 14th September 2021 Written Update: Meet The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Anubha questions Manushi where she gets the diamond set. Manushi tells them it’s imitation jewelry. Meet and Anubha says it’s looking real. Manushi says how Meet will know about it. Dadi asks why she wears imitation jewelry when she has her Mom’s jewelry. Manushi says didn’t you remember how Groom sister mocked us last time that’s why I wore this artificial set for our reputation and I can’t do anything if they mock me after marriage for not taking anything with me.

Meet says no need to bear anything as I will purchase new jewelry for you after winning this Cricket match. Manushi feels happy but she says let ut be, I will manage with this jewelry. Anubha says your health is not good. Meet says I’m fine, just bless me then I will definitely win the match. Anubha says you’re doing nirjal fast than how can you play cricket. Manushi says Mom is correct, take rest and I will adjust with old jewelry.

Meet 14th September 2021 Written Update

Meet 14th September 2021 Written Update

Meet asks his Dad to tell the truth to his Mom. Raj tells them that he went to get her Kulfi ice cream. Masoom asks what’s the story behind it. Raj tells them how he used to cool Babitha’s anger with Kulfi and he gives her kulfi and both happily feed each other. Meet says they are his ideal couple and says you guys are different from each other than how you love and respect each other so much. Raj says trust.

Babitha says loyalty and faith are full in our relationship. Raj says the base of the relationship is trust and faith. Meet thinks to follow it. Dadi asks Anubha to allow Meet as nothing will happen to her. Meet says she will fulfill her duties and asks her Mom to bless her. Anubha blesses her to win the match. Meet happily hugs her.

At the match, Meet says Sanjay couldn’t attend this match because of his Mom’s health and thinks about where to get a replacement and she feels dizzy than Ram and Lakhan asks her to have water and chips to win the match as Dadi is not near them. Meet says she won’t cheat and prays for Mata Rani’s blessings. Orator welcomes the last season man of the match Meet Ahlwat. Meet goes to Meet Ahlwat who’s busily giving his autograph and Meet asks him to help her. Meet tells her he has a date plan with his fiancee. Meet feels worried about the announcement.

Manushi cuts Kunal with drama. Kunal thinks I risked so much for her but she is not attending calls too. Manushi thinks she will tell him that we can elope saying her family is not accepting her love. Meet enters the stadium with her team. The opposite captain mocks her and tells her to get ready for the defeat. Meet looks on than Meet Ahlawat joins Meet team and it shows how Meet told him that winning amount is important for me as it’s needed for my sister’s marriage and you can meet your fiance later. Meet Ahlawat says the team is completed so let’s play the match.

Meet 14th September 2021 Written Update

The opposite team wins the toss and chooses for batting. Meet Ahlawat performs well but Meet couldn’t because she fasted. Meet clean bowled the batsman with Meet Ahlawat trick and at last, she about to fell than Meet Ahlawat rushes to help her leave the ball but Meet scolds him by telling him winning this match is important to her. Meet Ahlawat thinks he did wrong by spoiling his date with Moonshine.

Orator says chasing going to start and Meet and Meet Ahlwat are going to come from batting so let’s see the magic. Girls shout they love Meet Ahlawat. Meet tells them he loves them too then she asks Meet to concentrate on the match. Meet Ahlawat says she is jealous that their batting gets started and both perform well with a good run rate. Opposite team members think to break their partnership. Meet Ahlawat senses he is planning to do something against Meet. Meet 14th September 2021 Written Update.

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