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Meet 15th September 2021 Written Update

Meet 15th September 2021 Written Update
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Meet 15th September 2021 Written Update: Meet The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Bowler thinks he has to break the Meet Ahlawat and meet partnership to win the match. Meet Ahlwat senses Bowler is going to do something then he runs towards Meet and stops the ball before it touches Meet’s face. Meet scolds bowler then she asks if Meet is fine. Meet says he is fine but his heart is injured.

Meet ties kerchief to Meet and she scolds bowler and about to fight with them but Meet Ahlawat stops her saying you want to win this match so don’t fight with him as it may disqualify us from the match so show your anger to him by winning this match. Meet agrees. The referee says Meet can’t play as his hand is injured. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet if she can handle it. Meet agrees.

Meet 15th September 2021 Written Update

Meet 15th September 2021 Written Update

Manushi says he is late and I’m waiting for him for an hour. Anubha asks Manu to call him and says she is worried for their Meet. Manushi says relax mom, Meet will definitely win the match and she thinks Meet must win the match then only I can get new jewelry. On the Meet Ahlawat prays goddess to support Meet to win the match. Meet single-handedly handles the match even though they lost 9 wickets.

Manushi angrily says he is not answering my calls and he is making me wait for hours such an irresponsible person. Anubha says you’re always wrong in judging, he might be busy with important work so stay cool. Manushi gets Kunal’s call and she thinks she is choosing the person who’s giving her importance. Meet wins the match. Everyone praises Meet performance and her team members celebrates the win by lifting her. Meet Ahlawat reaches to Manushi place and he apologies to them for coming late then he asks Manushi to come with him for ring selection. Manushi tells him she can’t accompany him.

Meet surprised seeing Raj is the chief guest and he presents them 2 lakh winning prize and he changes Man of the match as a player of the match and handovers 1 lakh cheque to Meet then he offers her another cheque for her performance. Anubha questions why can’t she go with him. Manu says she is suffering from a terrible headache and Anubha asks how he will choose ring. Dadi asks her to give him her ring size. Manu gives Meet ring size to Meet Ahlwat.

Meet says you already did so much for me so no need for another cheque and bless me that’s enough and she takes his blessings. Raj says he likes the fact that she always impress him. Meet feels dizzy and Raj asks if she needs water but she denies saying she is fine. Raj asks how can she do many things. Meet says she can do anything for family. Raj blesses her. Meet Ahlwat gives them shagun and wedding cards. Anubha and Dadi say the card is good. Meet handovers the gift his Mom sent to Manushi’s sister.

Meet 15th September 2021 Written Update

Dadi says Manu doesn’t have her own sister and she asks Manu to sent Meet. Anubha confronts Dadi about why she hides about Meet. Dadi says they don’t know about Meet plus Meet may ruin this alliance. Anubha says she can’t hide the fact that she has 2 daughters. Dadi says prove to son-in-law that I’m wrong by revealing it so remember Meet won’t go Infront of the Groom family until Manu is married.

Team members celebrate Meet victory in the street and Babitha’s car gets halted because of their celebration and she goes out to clear it. Meet calls Meet and asks if she won the match. Meet asks him to hear the celebration sound to know it. Meet Ahlawat feels happy. Babitha takes the phone. Meet asks what’s the problem, aunty.

Babitha gets shocked knowing she is a girl. Ram and Lakhan tease her to make their Meet as her Bahu. Babitha scolds them than she asks them to give the way to her vehicle. Meet asks her to join their celebration. Babitha questions how her Mom allowed her and says If I have a girl like you at my home then I can never let her stay like you. Meet 15th September 2021 Written Update.

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