Meet 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ragini says to everyone she is the daughter of my friend and feeling scared. Raj welcome her and says I liked the name you wrote in thali so she will be called Mishri. Babita says your name is also good Ishani feels like Isha and Ishani are sisters, I’m sure you and your friend must have coordinated. Ragini says yes. Raj gives her a gift for giving a name to the baby.

Everyone applauds. Ishani takes the envelope. Everyone gets busy with the baby Ishani says to Ragini your face looked like you did a mistake and hiding something, let me tell you I’m not a mistake I have a relationship with this house, now it’s your turn I’ll stay here till the time you don’t tell who am I. Ragini scared.

Meet 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet Ahlawat talking on the phone. Meet looking at him thinks he might understand after meeting Laila and knowing her condition but I know you won’t meet someone I have to think of a plan. Ishani in Ragini’s room. Ragini says I told you I’ll come and meet you in the hotel, you cannot stay here everyone will question me and Ram, go from here. Ishani get’s angry and throws a photo. Ram stops it from his leg.

Meet Ahlawat finishes his phone call, he sees Meet and says what happen why are you seeing me? Meet says I have a surprise for you but for that, you have to come with me without question. He says I’m ready to go with you. Ram places the photo in its place and says to Ragini comes out I need to talk about something important. Ram and Ragini are out.

Ram asks her who is this idiot girl who doesn’t have manners at all, how did she dare to touch Isha’s stuff, why did you give my daughter’s room show her guest room, remember till the time Isha don’t come back I won’t let her stay there. Ishani says I didn’t like the guest room but I like this one so I’ll stay here till my project is finished and she walks in. Ragini says to forget her she is a kid. Ram scolds her saying this is Isha’s room and this will be locked until she is back to get it clear.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet walking downstairs they are about to leave the house but Babita calls Meet Ahlawat so they stop. Babita walks to them and asks where are you two going? Both of them answer differently. Meet says we are right first we will go snd Dadi then from there will go to lawer for adoption. Babita says to Meet Ahlawat no need to go Your father already meet the lawyer and she doesn’t want any company or guidance to go to her dadi, you go with Neelu and meet the gynecologist.

Meet Ahlawat says she can go with Barfi. Babita says the baby is the responsibility of the father and mother, don’t repeat your past mistakes. Babita calls Neelu and says Meet Ahlawat will take you to the gynecologist. Barfi hear says my dream is also the same Neelu should go with him every place but what about Laila? Barfi says don’t worry I’ll go with Neelu. Babita whisper says another day you said they should be together and now you are spoiling the plan. Meet says I’ll go and meet Dadi. Babita insit Meet Ahlawat to take Neelu. Barfi scared.

Meet walks out and says don’t know now when I’ll get a chance to take him to meet Laila, my plan failed now I should go to Dadi. Meet with the car. Meet Ahlawat walks to him and says it’s enough I’ll mom about our relationship. Neelu says I know you both are going together, please forgive me mom changed your plan. Meet says stop accusing yourself. Neelu thanks them and says I’ll go with Barfi you can continue with your plan. Meet says you are so good and she hugs her. Meet Ahlawat and Meet go out in the car.

Meet 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet Ahlawat and Meet in the bar. Laila getting ready for her performance. Meet Ahlawat and ask Meet what happen. Meet say let’s go in. A guy teasing Meet. Meet Ahlawat stops him and says to Meet is this your surprise? Meet says I know this place is different, let’s sit for some time believe me let’s go and sit there nobody will disturb us. Few men teasing Meet. Meet Ahlawat gets angry.

Meet says to ignore them. The announcer does an announcement about Laila’s performance. Every man cheering for Laila. Drunk men teased Meet and asked her to dance with them. Meet Ahlawat gets angry and asks Meet to leave. Laila walks towards the stage with a mask everyone gets excited after seeing her. Laila began with her performance. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet why did you call me here. She says I brought you here to meet Laila she also went through the same trauma as Neelu.