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Meet 1st September 2021 Written Update: Ragini says she is happy for Meet

Meet 1st September 2021 Written Update Ragini says she is happy for Meet
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Meet 1st September 2021 Written Update: Ragini says she is happy for Meet: Meet The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Masoomi tries to instigate everyone against the alliance and she asks her Mom to reject the alliance. Anubha gets Raivardan’s call and she asks her Mom in law who’s calling them at night. Dadi says it might be the Groom family calling us to reject our alliance and she blames Meet for everything.

Meet attends the call. Raivardan informs her that they are coming to their house tomorrow with their son to meet them and it’s shown how Meet Ahlawat too wants to meet Manushi before marriage. Meet happily informs her Mom and Dadi and asks them to make arrangements for Groom’s family. Anubha gets happy tears. Meet asks her to save tears for Bidhai then they hug each other then she teases her Dadi. Manushi gets angry after hearing everything.

Meet 1st September 2021 Written Update Ragini says she is happy for Meet

Meet 1st September 2021 Written Update

Ragini says she is happy for Meet. Maasomi asks why are they missing the main point. Meet Ahlawat asks what’s it. Maasomi says they have to listen to us but here we are listening to them. Ram says he too agrees with Maasomi. Babita says what if she questions our thoughts and feelings after becoming our daughter-in-law? I won’t accept it.

Ram agrees. Meet Ahlawat asks them to calm down and it’s me who has to take the decision. Masoomi says this world of not good like him and you’re new to it. Rajvardan makes everyone agree with his words and he tells to everyone that they are going to meet Manushi place to meet her and Maasomi you can stay at home if you don’t want to accompany us.

Meet asks Manushi to join in her coffee party. Manu drinks coffee and asks what if she won’t like the groom. Meet says he is liked by our family so he will be good. Meet Ahlawat tells to her sister about his accident with Meet and how it helped him to make everyone agree than she teased him about their cosmic connection then he goes to sleep. Manushi asks Meet to marry the guy saying she won’t like him.

Meet Ahlawat sisters says they can talk about Manushi. Meet wakes up excitedly and tells her sister how he fell in love with the voice of Manushi. His sister says she will help him to make Manushi love him. Meet says we can’t force anyone to love and compromise in the relationship can be heavy. Meet tells her sister that she will like the guy. Manu says I want to wear a 100crire jacket but you want me to wear the t-shirt. Meet asks what she means. Manu thinks Kunal is her jacket.

Men beat Kunal for not paying their money. Kunal tells to those men that he will pay the money with interest once he marries Manushi who’s from a rich family. Those men give him some time. Dadi prays to Maata Rani for Manu. Kids get the things to home according to Meet wishes. Anubha says the fridge is not working. Meet checks it and tells her Mom that gas is over in the fridge and she goes to get the person who fixes gas to the fridge.

Meet 1st September 2021 Written Update

Babita asks Ragini which gold set is best to gift Manushi. Ragini asks her to give 3sets and tells her that she is so excited. Maasomi says how can they give heavy gifts to her what if she rejects the alliance? Isn’t it a big gift to her? Meet asks Masoomi how’s his hairstyle. Masoomi says she won’t like his hairstyle from his teenage days. Meet asks Masoomi to set his hair according to her choice.

Masoomi changes his hairstyle and praises his look then questions why he changed the topic. Meet asks her to involve in his marriage positively as she is the one who’s going to be a happy person once he gets married. Masoomi says I will be a happy person but I’m telling it practically and I want to meet Manushi but Dad denied me to accompany you guys to Manushi place. Meet says Maasomi will come with them.

They hug each other happily then Meet Ahlawat asks her Mom if she is ok if he chooses the gift to the mom of his kids. Babita agrees. Maasomi thinks she will choose the bride to Meet and plans to close the Manushi chapter. Meet sends Person to home to set gas then she stops the auto and Eve teasers whom. she reached comes out from Auto and surrounds her. Meet 1st September 2021 Written Update.

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