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Meet 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet save Meet Ahlawat

Meet 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update
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Meet 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahlawat’s at visarjan location having fun in rain. Police say to be careful near the bank because the land is slippery and you can lose your life so be careful. Meet Ahlawat carrying Ganesh’s idol walking towards the river. Meet behind him thinks I have to tell him Neelu stole the money. Neelu thinks I have to reach Meet Ahlawat before she tells him the truth about money.

Neelu runs towards Meet Ahlawat, she slips and pushes Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat fall in the river, he saves idol but falls another side of the fence. One of the men says it’s a deep swamp he won’t be able to come out easily. Inspector salute Meet. Meet ask him to bring a rope and give instructions to Meet Ahlawat not to move. Meet throw one end of the rope towards him

Meet 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet Ahlawat drowing. Meet tie rope on her body and another end to a tree. She jumps into the swamp to help him. Babita and the rest of the people pull the rope to bring them out. Meet Ahlawat is about to fall again but Meet holds his hand and everyone helps him to come out of the swamp. Everyone applauds. Babita gets emotional to see Meet and Meets Ahlawat. Babita says I know only you can help my son and never care about your life, she thanks her.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat and do visarjan together. Meet Ahlawat thanks her to help him. Meet says to keep it with you, you should thank Ganeshji because of him you are saved and I got to know about thief before 48 hours. Meet Ahlawat says this means you don’t have money than who has it. Meet says Neelam stole the money, she took keys from your coat and steal even she told me.

Meet Ahlawat and ask why will she do it. She says it because she doesn’t like me. Meet Ahlawat gives cold look to Neelam. Meet says let’s do visarjan then will look into other matter. A man throws a garland that lands on Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Meet thinks I have to do things right between Meet Ahlawat and Raj. Meet Ahlawat loses consciousness. Meet and give him support.

Everyone in Meet Ahlawat’s room. The doctor says because of some toxic gas from the swamp he got less oxygen in his brain because of which he lost his consciousness but no need to worry he will be fine by tomorrow and remember one thing to give him lukewarm water every two hours so that all the toxins are out. Neelu says sure I’ll give him water. Meet Ahlawat and open his eyes.

Neelu says thank god you are back I was worried about you. Meet Ahlawat and ask Babita where is dad. Babita says your dad will come to see you. He says he won’t come to meet me, he doesn’t love me anymore nor worried about me, it should have died there. Babita says shutup up and doesn’t dare to say anything like this, I told you he loves you and he will come. Raj is outside the room listening to the.

Ram walks to him and says why are you standing here, you are worried about him that’s why you are standing to go and meet him. Raj says that’s not the matter, he is not my son anymore why should I worry about him, I came here looking for Meet I have to give her a list of all the things for pilgrimage. Ram says so come Meet is also inside. Raj says I’ll give her later it’s not urgent. Meet thinks I wish to bring them back together, he loves his dad and Raj is hiding his emotions in anger

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