Meet 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ishani covering her face with a hood. They show the report in which Meet says to the reporters that an eyewitness called her to meet today evening. A masked man comes with a knife to kill Ishani. Ishani closes her eyes. When the killer is about to stab Ishani in the back. Meet uses a stick and beats him up. He falls to the ground. Meet says people make mistakes in two states when they are in anger and when they are in fear.

Meet says to the killer that the press conference is just baited to lure him out. Meet asks the killer to stand on his knees. When Meet tries to take off the mask of the killer. The killer uses pepper spray on Meet and Ishani. The killer runs away from there. Meet goes after the killer.

Meet 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

While running the killer runs into a wet tar and gets stuck in the tar and couldn’t get out. Meet takes her breath and comes to the killer. Meet tries to take off the killer masks. The killer doesn’t allow her and hits Meet with a rock and escapes from her. Meet sees the footprints and goes to the killer’s hiding spot. Meet catches the killer. Ishani comes and helps Meet. Meet takes off the mask. Meet sees that it is Pratap. Ishani gets stunned seeing Pratap.

Meet says to Pratap that because of him Meet Ahlawat is in jail. Meet says he is going to the police and telling them everything. Pratap sees an empty bottle. Pratap pushes Meet away and goes to the bottle breaks it and takes Ishani hostage. Pratap threatens Meet not to do anything funny and pushes Ishani onto Meet and escapes from there. Ishani apologizes to Meet. Ishani says Pratap will not escape from the police.

Meet goes to meet Anurag. Meet says to Anurag that she came to tell the name of the real culprit. Anurag says he knows what she wants to say and it is Pratap. Anurag says Pratap came here and told him everything about how she tried to buy him and when he rejected her proposal she created this drama eyewitness drama to frame him. Meet says whatever Pratap said is not the truth. Anurag asks Meet to allow the court to decide what is the truth. Anurag asks Meet to stay away from Pratap and says if not he will take the police’s help.

Meet asks God to show her the way to save Meet Ahlawat. Anurag and Amrita go on a stroll. Anurag asks Amrita to stay here and he is going to buy roses for her. A bike hits Amrita’s wheelchair and it goes rolling. Anurag hears Amrita’s shout and calls for her. When Amrita is about to run into a car. Meet comes and saves Amrita. Anurag comes and thanks Meet for saving Amrita.

Anurag introduces Meet to Amrita. Meet says looks like God gave her a second chance to right her mistakes and says to Amrita that she will get her legs soon. Anurag apologizes to Meet for misunderstanding her. Anurag says he will help her in any way possible. Meet says Pratap killed Neelam and asks Anurag to believe him. Anurag says to Meet to call Pratap to the witness stand and says as a prosecution lawyer he will not object to her. Meet agrees.

Meet 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

In the court, Meet meets Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat encourages Meet. The police take Meet Ahlawat away. Anurag gives a thumbs up to Meet. Barfi comes and asks Anurag what are they talking about. Meet waits for Ishani. Meet gets a call from Ishani. Ishani apologizes to Meet for being late to the court. Ishani says she will be there in a minute. Pratap comes and hits Ishani with a stick from behind. Ishani falls unconscious. Pratap takes the phone and says to Meet that Ishani is in the car just like Neelam and says she is still alive.

Pratap says to Meet that he already knows she and Anurag decided to set him up. Pratap warns Meet that his name should not come in the court hearing and no one should know that Ishani is kidnapped. Pratap asks Meet to come to the address that he sent to her after the court. The judge asks Meet to start the proceedings. Meet prays to Mata Rani to show her a way to save Meet Ahlawat and Ishani.

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