Meet 26th August 2021 Written Update: Meet gets frustrated seeing Meet’s photo

Meet 26th August 2021 Written Update: Meet gets frustrated seeing Meet’s photo: The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Dadi and Meet mom feeds sweet to Manu and tells her that she got a good alliance. Manu says she won’t marry. Dadi and her Mom try to convince her but Manu escapes by telling her she won’t marry until she finishes her studies. Meet says don’t worry I will get a bonus in 2weeks then we can think about it.

Dadi says your sister is not agreeing. Meet says Manu will agree so give her some time and she asks Dadi to give her photos so she can frame them. Dadi gives her photos and asks her to get a copy of the Manushi photo. Meet sees photos and questions why her photo is missing. Dadi mocks her. Meet Mom says maybe the photographer forget to give us that copy so ask him.

Meet 26th August 2021 Written Update: Meet gets frustrated seeing Meet's photo
Meet 26th August 2021 Written Update: Meet gets frustrated seeing Meet’s photo

Meet 26th August 2021 Written Update

Meet opens his eyes and sees the photo of the girl anxiously whom his Mom chose for him but he gets frustrated seeing Meet’s photo. Meet informs her Mom that her photo is not with Photographer. Meet Mom asks Dadi if she gives a Meet photo to the groom’s family along with a Manushi photo. Dadi says she didn’t give it. The boy lost his helium balloons. Meet gives him the money. Boy asks what she gets by giving him money. Meet says her father will stay in the sky and he feels happy seeing those balloons and my Dad used to say we will definitely get the things written in our fate.

Meet Ahlawat comes downstairs band asks if they are pranking him. Kavita asks why will they prank him and she praises the beauty of the bride. Meet Ahlawat says that a girl lacks the qualities of a girl. Kavitha asks if he met her. Meet says he met her twice and now I’m doubting your choice and he informs everyone that he is ready to stay as a bachelor but will never marry that girl. Everyone feels disappointed. Meet leaves then Masoomi throws Manushi a photo to see her son.

Manushi informs her boyfriend that her family members are searching alliance for her. Kunal says I want to marry you in Italy or France but these days so many restrictions so wait for some time. Manu asks him to make her meet with his family or friends. Kunal asks her to reach the address to meet his friend. Manu agrees then she turns and notices Meet than Meet asks where she has to hang their family photo. Manu says it’s her wish then Meet asks her to never lie to their mom.

Meet 26th August 2021 Written Update

Later Meet helps her Mom. Manu lies to her Mom that she is going to Devi chowk in the night. Dadi praises her and mocks Meet. Her Mom asks her to take Meet along with her. Meet goes to help the old man and he thanks her. Manu thinks Kunal will break up with me if he finds that I’m from a poor family and she thinks the way to stop Meet is then she notices Dadi is calling Meet to set the fan.

Manu pours oil on the floor and places the table on it thinking Meet will fall on the floor but Meet balances herself by holding a fan and fails Manu’s plan. Mom asks if she is fine. Meet says nothing can happen to her. Manu sees the Meet bike and cuts the wire of that bike thinking her bike won’t start.

Meet Ahlawat smiles seeing the dress of his Dad. Kavita says your eyes are working fine but why you’re not liking our choice. Meet Ahlawat leaves saying no means no. Meet leaves on her bike and her breaks won’t work and she met with an accident.

At The dining table, Masoomi asks her parents to choose her sister-in-law for Meet and their horoscopes are matching well and she won’t be like Sunaina Bhabhi and I’m insisting on you so much because I care for you. Sunaina says you never throw this photo in the dustbin if you care for them. Everyone looks shocked. Meet 26th August 2021 Written Update.

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