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Meet 27th August 2021 Written Update: Meet asks lift of Meet Ahlawat

Meet 27th August 2021 Written Update Meet asks lift of Meet Ahlawat
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Meet 27th August 2021 Written Update: Meet asks lift of Meet Ahlawat: Meet The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Meet Ahlawat won’t order pizza thinking Meet may come to deliver it and he thinks it gets it by himself. Deepa smiles then he tells him that he has a way to set his mood. Meet asks what’s it. Deepa tells him about tonight’s party and says he can select someone from the party. Meet Ahlawat says his heart beats for a special girl. meet is shown getting up grass and thinks how her brakes got failed then she tries to lift but no one helps her.

Masoomi asks what she is doing. Sunaina asks Duggu to tell everyone what he saw. Duggu reveals everything but Masoomi starts her drama and leaves in tears saying they are feeling her like a burden that’s why she is blaming her. Kavita questions Sunaina about how can she blame Masoomi without knowing the truth and she goes behind Masoomi.

Meet 27th August 2021 Written Update Meet asks lift of Meet Ahlawat

Meet 27th August 2021 Written Update

Meet asks lift of Meet Ahlawat but he smiles seeing her and leaves thinking he is seeing Meet in everyone. Meet gets angry seeing his smile. Meet Ahlawat thinks maybe she is real and needed help and he goes back to check but Meet already left from that place with help of a truck driver help. Meet Ahlawat thinks it’s his imagination only.

At night Meet drops Manushi at a party and questions why she lied to them. Manushi emotionally blackmails Meet then she agrees to allow her sister to attend the party. Manushi asks Meet to wait outside but Meet accompanies her to the party. Manushi thinks her dreams will be ended if Kunal caught her with Meet and she makes the server drops the juice on Meet’s dress. Manu asks Meet to return to home but Meet says she will clean the clothes at the washroom. Manushi meets Kunal and thinks to impress his friends. Kunal makes her meet with Robin who’s organizing the party.

Meet asks Server about the washroom. The server says common washroom for boys and girls. Meet cleans her dress. Meet Ahlawat from the washroom asks his friend to set his belt and Meet who’s on the other side helps him then Meet Ahlawat from the washroom ask Deep to choose one dress. Meet leaves after choosing a dress for him. Deep enters the washroom. Meet asks who helped him.

Meet 27th August 2021 Written Update

The server says some girl helped him. Meet Ahlawat gets impressed. Meet searches for her sister at the party. Deepa says is that girl is Meet? Meet Ahlawat says no way, one who helped me have an amazing fashion sense and who will invite Meet kind of delivery girl to this party? He dances happily. Kunal gets shocked seeing Meet Ahlawat and leaves from that place lying to Manushi.

Meet caught her sister and she asks Manu to meet her with her friend. Manushi says she will make her meet and asks her to study at one corner. Meet agreed. Meet Ahlawat asks Robin to implement his idea in the party and he goes for a drink where he sees Manushi and walks towards her but he misses her than he searches for her. Meet coudnt concentrate then she goes back and she is about to meet With Meet Ahlawat but they won’t meet because Robin announces the game.

Meet Ahlawat goes to washroom side to search Manushi. At the party, Manu gets a task that she has to sing. Manu thinks to impress Kunal’s friends than she goes to Meet and asks for her help. Meet agrees then Manu asks them to dim the lights, they agree that Meet secretly sings on behalf of Manu. Meet Ahlawat fell in love with her voice and he tells Deepa that Manu touched his heart with her voice and she is the one for me. Everyone claps for her. Meet 27th August 2021 Written Update.

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  • […] is on a call with Anurag and asks him to do the work. Anurag asks if they can meet. She says she is going to Naina’s reception and tells about her […]

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  • […] my target but you don’t understand why should I care, now you will see just my anger and revenge. Isha says to Sunaina, you look very pretty, and trust me Tej bhai just wants your […]

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  • […] house. Sharmila asks about his injury. He says it is a small injury. Priyanka goes to greet Dida. Sharmila asks what I am hearing, that you agreed to marry Priyanka. Anurag says it is unfortunate, I will tell you later. Dida asks […]

  • […] Yuvraj asks where is she going. She says her secret friend is going, so she wants to meet him once. He asks if she is going to meet Rudra. She asks how does he know and says he is going from Rothak forever, so she wants to meet him […]

  • […] like I thought, and says she tried to send me there, don’t know what she can do with you both. Shalu asks Lakshmi to give herself 2 days. Lakshmi says if I stay busy, then I will not miss Rishi. Rishi searches for his phone and recalls […]

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