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Meet 5th October 2021 Written Update: Babita is shocked to see Meet

Meet 5th October 2021 Written Update
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Meet 5th October 2021 Written Update: Meet The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Anubha says to Meet till now you took care of everyone in this house, now take care of your new house be a good wife Meet says how I’ll handle everything I’m scared. Anubha says we were also not ready when your father left, you turn out to be courageous and handle everything, I have faith in you, you will do everything all right and ask Ram Lakhan to give a package and give it to Meet and says it will help you.

Anubha says to Meet Ahlawat my girl is kind-hearted and please forgive everything then you will see her kindness and Anubha hugs Meet they are both in tears. Anubha says to Meet not need to cry and explains to her the following ritual of going out. Meet follow ritual and everyone starts going out and sees Meet weds Manushi decor on the car. Raj goes and removes Manushi’s name and asks for Meet Ahlawat to leave its time. Anubha starts crying. Raj asks Deep to drive the car. Deep open door for Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Raj asks Isha to sit with them and they leave. Raj says to Meet I promise you to keep Meet as my child you don’t have to worry and leaves.

Meet 5th October 2021 Written Update

Meet 5th October 2021 Written Update

Meet holding cushion. Meet Ahlawat remember talking to Hosiyar about the heart pillow with M & M on it. Meet Ahlawat pulls the cushion and throws its backside. Deep ask where to turn for Chandigarh. Meet says take left. Meet Ahlawat says right I go every day. Meet says during night time they carry out repair work. Deep says I think she is right. Isha says she is right on the map it’s showing route block. Meet Ahlawat says take whatever route you want. Deep suddenly stops the car. Meet Ahlawat asks what happen. Deep says the car is not accelerating wait I’ll go and check.

Deep goes out and says we need to call a mechanic. Meet try to see and bump into Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat asks what are you doing. Meet says I’m looking at the scene, if something is wrong should I go and check. Meet Ahlawat says why you always try to poke in between of everything just sit here and says let me call dad. Meet Ahlawat calls Raj and says our car is totaled on the highway. Raj says okay we will get there. Meet gets down and start looking for fault.

Deep says please take care bhabhi. Meet Ahlawat get some and says what Bhabhi and says to Meet I know you are an expert in starting a vehicle but Dad is coming. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to say them no car is fixed. Deep says the car is fine I’ll call and tell them. Deep calls him and says we are moving car is fixed. Meet Ahlawat stops Meet and gives him hankie to clean her hands. Meet Ahlawat says don’t consider that I care I don’t like to be dirty and because of grease car seat will get dirty so wipe it properly. Meet give dirty hankie to Meet Ahlawat.

Babita was excited waiting for family members. Babita’s friend says why such a small Kalash. Babita says my daughter-in-law Manushi is very pretty as well as delicate I don’t want heavy Kalash to sprain her neck that’s why I’ll follow ritual with this Kalash. Babita sees Raj enter with Masum and rushes to them and asks where is Meet. Raj says they are coming I have something to tell. Babita says later I’m focused on welcoming and ask everyone to get ready. Raj says wait listen to me I have to tell you something important.

Meet 5th October 2021 Written Update

Babita says let all ritual get over then we will sit and talk, oh I forgot nariyal, and goes. Babita’s friend teases Raj for running behind Babita. Masum looks at the situation says poor dad it would be good if he would have informed her earlier. Babita is busy in preparation and Duggu rushes to Babita and says Mamu and Ustaad Mami are here. Babita asks who Ustaad Mami, must be Meet Alhawat’s new joke, now cmon let’s welcome them.

Babita stands at the door with Aarti and places Kalash on the door frame for the Graha Pravesh ritual, everyone is confused about how will Babita react. All others get ready for welcome arrangements. The dupatta falls and Meet hides behind Meet Ahlawat, Meet Ahlawat and others confused.

Babita says why are you hiding, is this any ritual at your place, okay come fast in front of me I am closing my eyes. Meet Ahlawat moves aside, and pulls Meet ahead, Babita opens her eyes and is shocked to see Meet, Babita remembers her first meet with Meet and says you how dare you, I asked you to never appear in front of me, get lost. Meet 5th October 2021 Written Update.

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