Meet 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Meet climbing up to the window and seeing some unknown girl dancing with Meet Ahlawat. Meet thinks who is that imposter. Laila dancing with Meet Ahlawat thinks she is going to celebrate Diwali with him. Meet breaks the glass of the door she unlocks the door using the wire. Laila tries to make Meet Ahlawat unconscious using chloroform.

Meet comes there and alerts Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat thinks about whos dancing with him if Meet is in front of him. Meet Ahlawat turns. Meet says she might be the one who placed the cake and bouquet in your room. Meet asks Laila to show her face by removing her mask. Meet tries to remove her mask. Laila throws her and escapes from there by turning off the power.

Meet 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

The power comes back. Meet Ahlawat and asks who is she. Meet sags she doesn’t know. They notice matter on the cake that Meet only belongs to her. Meet Ahlawat receives a voice message from a private number that she will get him in her next attempt and they can celebrate Diwali together. Meet Ahlawat says she is smart that’s why sent a voice note from a Private number so we can’t trace her. Meet says she won’t lose him.

She hugs him and tells him she won’t let anyone can snatch him. Meet Ahlawat assures her that no one can separate them. Meet says no one knows about this date then how can this girl know about it? Meet Ahlawat says she is smart that’s why she placed flowers in a closed room too. Meet says she will definitely do something to celebrate Diwali with you.

She reveals to him that she saw similar flowers in Neelam’s cupboard. Meet Ahlawat says Neelam is pregnant so I don’t think she can do it in this state. They decide to check Neelam by going home. Meet Aglawat asks Meet to not worry and tells her that they can their relationship truth to family once they confront Neelam.

Ishani tries to remove Kalava from her hand without listening to Ragini. Babita stops Ishani and asks her why she is removing Raksha’s thread tied to her by Ragini with love. Ishani says Ragini is dark and everyone in this house does injustice to people. Babita gets angry and raises her hand to slap Ishani. Ragini stops Babita by holding her hand. Ram witnesses everything. He scolds Ragini for supporting Ishani. He confronts what’s her relationship with Ishani as she is trying to protect her.

Everyone comes there. Raj and Babita ask Ragini what truth she is hiding from them. Ram threatens to oust Ishani if Ragini doesn’t reveal her relationship with Ishani. Ragini stays silent. Ram holds Ishani’s hand and tries to throw her out. Ragini reveals that Ishani is her biological daughter. Everyone gets shocked. Masum says to Sunaina that Ragini did wrong by cheating Chacha. Ram leaves Ishani’s hand and leaves from there without uttering a word. Ragini breakdown into tears.

Barfi thinks to herself about what did Laila do outside and when Neelam wakes up Neelam will not remember anything. Barfi thinks of what to do. Neelam wakes up and sees that it is 9 o clock. Neelam tries to go downstairs thinking about the Pooja but Barfi stops Neelam and says there is no need to worry and says she already told Babita that she has an eye infection.

Neelam asks Barfi why she lied and what is happening to her. Barfi says she fainted because she was doing fast and says she already told Babita that she has an eye infection and she asks Neelam to act like she has an eye infection. Barfi says to Neelam she has to just wear these glasses and gives the glasses to Neelam.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat that it’s wrong to judge Ragini without knowing her situation. She says today you want to reveal about us and Neelam’s matter but see how the truth of Ragini broke many hearts so sometimes we need to hide some matters and I feel this is a sign of maata rani that family members can’t accept our truth. Meet Ahlawat says you’re truly in one way but relationships based on lies will break easily so I don’t know when I can hide this lie.

Meet 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet says you’re correct but staying silent is not a lie you promised Deep to take care of his mother and sister and we hid our relationship so no one can call Neelam”s baby illegitimate. She says if you reveal to family members that you never touched Neelam then they question Neelam’s pregnancy so first, we need to get that bastard punished by knowing about him from Neelam.

The servant comes there. Meet asks him if everyone had dinner. He reveals to her that no one touched the food and he is taking food to Neelam as she is not coming out of the room because of her eye infection. Meet tells him she will take food. She takes the tray and tells Meet Ahlawat that she will clear her doubt by meeting Neelam.