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Meet 7th September 2021 Written Update

Meet 7th September 2021 Written Update
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Meet 7th September 2021 Written Update: Meet The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Meet leaves from home with the bag in the early morning taking blessings of Goddess. Anubha calls Meet to come down but she won’t respond then she asks Manushi to take tiffin to Meet but Manushi doesn’t take them thinking she is not a servant to Meet.

Meet goes to her Dad samadhi and asks him to bless her for the work she is going to do as she doesn’t have any option to get 15 lakhs and she asks Auto driver to drop her at Railway station. Anubha asks Manushi why she didn’t take tiffin to Meet.

Meet 7th September 2021 Written Update

Manushi says she didn’t hear properly and tells her that Meet is not in her room. Dadi says she might go with her kid friends. Kids come to Anubha’s house and call for Meet. Anubha asks them to search Meet in their street and They leave to search. Anubha calks Meet but she gets switched off message than she thinks so Meet didn’t go for work.

Meet 7th September 2021 Written Update

Dadi mockingly says Meet won’t elope with anyone so don’t worry. Manushi asks her Mom to give her money for her assignment. Anubha asks her to take it from the cupboard. Manushi opens the cupboard and tells her Mom and Dad that box is missing which had property papers, money, and gold. Dadi and Anubha get worried when they didn’t find that box.

Meet says I didn’t know what documents needed for a loan that’s why I bought every paper and she asks Bank manager to tell how can she get 15lakh loan. The manager says you’re doing the delivery job so it’s tough to give you money without mortgaging property or jewelry. Meet says she doesn’t have any property in her name and can’t mortgage jewellery as it’s needed for Manushi to wear at her wedding. The bank manager asks her to get a rich Guarantor to get the loan. Kids inform Anubha that local people are telling Meet left with Bank and auto river dropped her at Railway station. Manushi says she might take that box.

Meet notices jewellery on the floor and returns to the owner of that jewellery and tells him that his bag is torn off then he blesses her. Raivardan sees everything and says your main business is helping people right. Meet smiles. Raivardan asks why her smile is not full like before. Manushi says Meet might run from home. Anubha scolds her for doubting Meet. Dadi supports Manushi. Anubha asks them to stop their blaming on Meet. Manu says she ruined my dreams mine and she hurt the soul of Dad too. Anubha raises her hand but Dadi stops her.

Raivardan says so it’s about a loan but you may take so much time to clear the loan. Meet says she can do anything for her family’s happiness and tells him that she have to reach another bank to ask for the loan. Raivardan insists to have tea with him than she stops for him and he leaves to get the tea then he gets a Meet Ahlwat call and he tells him he is waiting for him outside. Raj asks if his Mom sends him to keep an eye on him to keep him away from sweets. Meet says he can buy his loyalty. Raj asks him to come inside the bank.

Meet 7th September 2021 Written Update

Dadi asks Anubha to slap her. Anubha says don’t blame Meet and she took the responsibility to arrange the money for marriage and saved our reputation in front of the Groom family. Dadi cries saying she ran taking our money. Anubha says Meet will definitely return home. Meet fastly finishes her tea and Bajji even though Raj asks her to enjoy them. The meet is about to leave but the Manager stops her telling her he will sanction the loan to her. Meet asks how he changed suddenly.

The manager says Raivardan Ji is becoming your Guarantor so we will definitely sanction you 8lakhs and he rushes to get the loan forms. Meet thanks, Raj, for helping her family as Angel and she gets emotional and tells him that sorry I won’t get emotional anywhere except near my Dad but today I couldn’t control myself. Raj says he is like her Dad keeping his hand on her hand. Meet feels happy. The manager calls Raj saying his cash is ready. Raj goes with him. Meet 7th September 2021 Written Update.

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