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Meet 8th October 2021 Written Update : Meet stay in Meet Ahlawat’s room

Meet 8th October 2021 Written Update
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Meet 8th October 2021 Written Update: Meet The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Meet Ahlawat shatters all his room. Meet sitting in pooja Ghar. . Meet Ahlawat thinks about a good time with Manushi. Meet remember what Manushi did to her and how Amma requested her for house reputation. Babita was upset in the corridor. Raj comes and says come eat something you haven’t had anything since morning come to break your fast.

Babita says leave it my presence is of no use to you, you took a big decision in my life without my concern so don’t give false promises to me. Raj says I didn’t have any option at that moment, you are questioning my love instead of having faith in me. Meet hear and sees them fighting in the corridor.

Meet 8th October 2021 Written Update

Meet 8th October 2021 Written Update

Babita says you brought a girl who is not my and my son choice, you forced my son to get married to a girl who is miss fit for her, In this house, we took all the decisions even if it is small, whatever we bought in this house was our decision, but today you took the decision of bringing daughter in law alone and you are saying I’m wrong.

Ragini comes with food and says I know you are hurt, but believe me, we all were there in this situation the decision took by Raj was correct, do you think he would take a step to hurt you, he did for our Meet Ahlawat’s good please now eat something. Babita takes the plate and throws it says if Raj would have taken the right decision then we all would have been happy and tell me if you would be in my shoes will you understand,

will you accept this marriage there is a big difference between son and daughter wedding, you have a daughter she will get married and go but I have to stay with her in the same house every morning I have to see a face which I and my son both don’t like and whenever I’ll see her face I’ll remember my son’s disappointed face so keep your thoughts with you and she leaves.

Raj says today Babita disrespects food and daughter in law and leaves. Meet sees broken plate and food on floor start cleaning them. Masum walks and says now you’re happy I already doubted your family planned this correctly till now mom and dad never talked to each other like this but look today they are fighting because of you so listen to one thing nobody is happy because of you and leaves.

Babita walks into Meet Ahlawat’s room and sees him sad, she keeps her hand on him. Meet Ahlawat hugs him. Meet goes back to pooja Ghar and remember everything that happens during wedding and days till now I never turned down in front of any difficulty, if any difficulty comes I think what you will do and face it but today I don’t understand what I should do, I’m angry on Manushi because of her bad step, because if her two families are disturbed, I don’t know if its right I’m here or not and days to god you know everything and god is not wrong, all of sudden you changed everything this was not my story.

Babita hugging Meet Ahlawat and days I’m sorry you don’t deserve this girl, you deserve better girl please forgive me I lost. Meet Ahlawat says you should be there. Meet dreams Anubha says wake up. Meet gets up greet god. Sunaina comes and greets Meet and says go to your room and freshen up and ask Shyam to take her to her room.

Masum sees Shyam walking her to the room. Masum asks him where are you going and says go to medical and bring some medicine for me my head is aching. Meet says you go and walks to her room with luggage, thinks there are many rooms where I’ll find mine and on the way, her suitcase stumbles upon a table and says with just a little push it fell. Meet fixes the table and days my house is better atleast I can see my whole house from one stop and start finding her room.

Meet sees a room and says this might be it and enters. Meet Ahlawat sees Meet and shocked says what are you doing here how did you come in and wear his clothes. Meet Ahlawat walks to her says I have put on my clothes, people of shabad don’t have any manner fir knock the door. Meet says people of Chandigarh don’t have a sense of how to change clothes. Meet Ahlawat says it’s my room I can change my clothes with the door open or closed, what are you doing here tell me. Meet says I was told to go to my room. Meet Ahlawat says this is my room there is a guest room and a lot of places in this house do whatever you want to do there but it’s my room I won’t allow you.

Babita dresses in the regional outfit as per her bet with friends and sees the older version of her laughing and mocking her. Babita shatters everything in her room. Raj talks to her and asks why srr wearing these types of clothes. Babita says because I eas having pride that my daughter in law will be beautiful and I had a challenge with my friends but it come out to be a lot of difference, I was laughing at them but today they all will laugh at me.

Meet 8th October 2021 Written Update

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet go from here and hear knocking says to Meet this is how you enter. Ragini walks in and says today we have mooh dikahe ceremony so came to dress her up. Meet Ahlawat says to Ragini why is she in my room there is much room in the house adjust her somewhere else she will not live with me. Ragini says is she furniture that you saying to adjust, she is your wife. Meet Ahlawat says she must be dad’s daughter-in-law but not my wife he grabs his coat and stumbles into the luggage of Meet.

Meet shouts at her and go. Ragini says to Meet this dress was designed by Baitha for her daughter-in-law. Meet says it means for Manushi, not for me. Ragini days remember one thing, you or your sister don’t have the power to change faith, you don’t have to be guilty but in destiny, it was you that’s why you are here and you are made for Meet Ahlawat I know this relationship is a challenge will you be able to complete it. Meet 8th October 2021 Written Update.

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