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Mere Sai 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai helps Kalavati

Mere Sai 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update
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Mere Sai 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai helps Kalavati

Mere Sai 5th August 2022  Written Update

Kalavati says open your eyes baba tell me what’s the problem. Kalavati says Sai open your eyes. (Kalavti says to Kamal, I know this turbo troubles you, but sometimes more and you will get rid of this. Kamal says Aai at least when we are alone call me Kamla). Kalavati is shocked to see Sai knows everything. Sai opens his eyes. Sai says Kalavati you aren’t understanding Kamla. Kalavati says when you know everything, you know I am helpless.

Sai says to save Kamla from this society you introduce her as Kamal and don’t worry I won’t tell anyone anything and now it’s time you tell everyone the truth. Kalavati says this won’t happen, people judge dancers’ daughters. Sai says Kalavati’s past might be troubling you but this will ruin the future, think from Kamla’s point to pretend to be something she can never be, you are putting her in a hard spot, what will happen and how will Kamla live when you wouldn’t be around her anymore. Sai says to have patience and faith in Kalavati, and everything will be fine.

Udhav wakes up, Shama asks why hasn’t he gone mill yet. Udhav says I forgot to tell you I am called after 2 days. Bhama says but you said it’s urgent joining. Udhav says they said so what will I do. The supervisor walks in and says no I didn’t because I didn’t know about him, I have decided to give him a higher role as a bouncer. Shama confused. The supervisor tells Bhama about Udhav’s behavior in the mill. Supervisor says to make him Kalavati’s bodyguard he doesn’t deserve the job. Udhav says how dare you. Supervisor says you insulted me yesterday and so I did the same with you and left.

Bhama and Shama ask what all is this. Bhama asks did you go see her dance. Udhav says talk about her with respect, I like her and will go see her dance and leave. Bhama breakdown and says to Shama, where did we go wrong that he got distracted, please do something. Shama says only Sai can help us. Udhav sitting alone, and gets angry. He sees piliya coming and says before he tells about me being outside Kalavati’s house I better leave.


Sai digs a pit, and Shama and Bhama walk to him. Sai says Shama has patience. Chandu, Bhiva, and a few villagers walk to Sai and say well has become muddy, and there is no drinking water, please help us. Sai shows them the pit and the water in it. Villagers confused. Sai says take water from this. Chandu says but this water is also bad. Sai says patience Chandu, the water turns clean and Sai says soon well water will also be fine when the mud will settle down.

Udhav runs away from Piliya. Piliya catches him and says I have seen you outside Kalavati and since then you are running away from me. Udhav says how do you know my name, Piliya says I know everything and I am here to help you because I know you are getting married but you like Kalavati and don’t worry this is a sign of manliness but show some confidence and guts, don’t you want to become Kalavati’s fav, don’t you want her special dance performance just for you only yours but you need money, a lot of money for it. Udhav says I don’t have money. Piliya says you do but you don’t know let me tell you.

Sai says to Bhama and Shama, water is very pure but when you mix something it gets dirty but soon it purifies itself, Udhav is kind and pure and soon he will understand his mistake, he will know what is wrong and right, have patience and God will fix everything. Santa Banta tells Kulkarni that the next two shows are housefull and people have taken loans for the show. Balvant walks in and says cancel the show. Kulkarni says how is this possible I have taken the money. Balvant says Kalavati will dance only for commissioner as he is realizing tender for uniforms and if we get that we will earn in lakhs. Kulkarni says fabulous.

Kamla plays with Manu and says only you love me. Kalavati walks in and says look what I got for you, bangles and clothes and ribbons. Kamla surprised. Kalavati says I do care about you, I understand your pain and will do anything for you but try to understand my problem, be as you want in this house just for me. Kamla very happy, hugs Kalavati. Sai knocks. Kalavati opens the door. Kalavati sees Prahlad and Sai. Sai says Kamal like you even though Prahlad was hesitant and he came to me for help. Prahlad says sorry Kamal and I won’t repeat it.

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