Miley Cyrus shares details of ‘really scary’ moment when her plane was struck by lightning

Miley Cyrus shares details of ‘really scary’ moment when her plane was struck by lightning
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Musical sensation Miley Cyrus is opening up about her “scary” experience when her plane was struck by lightning in March while she was on her way to a music festival in Paraguay with her band. On her latest visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers, Miley shared details of the night with the talk show host as she revealed, “It was really scary.”

During the interview, via ET Canada, the Wrecking Ball singer went on and mentioned that while the sky was coming down on them she was on her mom’s lap since “it didn’t matter about the seatbelts at this point.” Cyrus continued, “It was really very strange,” as she noted that the day had an eerie vibe to it and added, “because it was unexpected weather, and a few things that day—when I woke up that morning I said, ‘Something just kind of felt off and not quite right.”

Even though Cyrus’ flight made a safe landing, her show got cancelled due to the weather. Cyrus elaborated, “There was just a lot going on,” she explained how the situation unfolded, “And everyone’s like—my guys in my band, who are just rock ‘n’ rollers, are like, ‘We got to get to the fans! We got to still play the gig!’ I’m like, ‘OK, no. We’re in the middle of, like, the forest in a broken-down airplane. There’s floods where we’re supposed to be going. The stage is sinking.'”

Meanwhile, Cyrus and her band made it to their next stop on the schedule Lollapalooza Brazil with some time on their hands. Cyrus shared that she and her needed to “take a few days to recuperate because all of us were a little traumatized.”

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