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Mithai 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Mithai 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update
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Mithai 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Mithai 6th August 2022 Written Update

Girish throws Shubham out of the house and tells the family that whoever tries to go against him will be thrown out like this only. Apeksha calls Sid and says listen to me. Sid says I trusted you and didn’t listen Mithai but she was right. Apeksha says I want to marry you, Girish promised me so I helped him, you have to marry me as I have that video. She ends the call. Sid looks on.

Shubham comes to Mithai’s house. He tells Dadu that you are my home. Dadu says God will do justice. Mithai says he will be our partner. Shubham tells Mithai I will help you. Mithai makes a deal with him. Dadu says Sid will be here soon too. Mithai thinks I have accepted his challenge so he has to come here.

Sid hugs his mother’s photo and recalls Mithai’s words that Apeksha is plotting against him. He recalls how Girish trapped him. He recalls Mithai telling him that she has a business plan. Sid sits up and says I know the way. Mithai starts working on her business. She starts selling her sweets in the market and puts up her banners around the town. In the morning, all family members are working on the sweets. Shubham says we need a fridge to store all the sweets. Mithai says God will find a way for us.

Mithai is waiting to receive orders, Dadu says don’t worry. Mithai sees breaking news of a girl stuck somewhere. Mithai says I wish God helps her. Shubham says if we don’t get orders soon then our sweets will go stale. Mithai gets an order and says we can start working now. All are excited. Dadu says I have got some orders too. Dadu says how will we deliver? Indu and Dadi pitch to help. All family members start working. Shubham is managing the paperwork and helps Mithai.

Mithai is selling her sweets and meets some people on the cycles. She tells them that you will be our partners, we will get orders for you and we will pay you a fixed cost every day. All people on cycles join her business and start delivering sweets. Shubham, Dadu, Dadi and Indu sell sweets too.

Sid comes to meet Dadu and his family. Mithai comes there too. Shubham, Dadu, Dadi, Mithai, and Indu count their money. Mithai says we earned 35K rs this day. She tells Dadu that we should put this money in the mandir. Sid tells Dadu and Dadi that I am sorry for all this. Mithai tries to leave but Sid says I am sorry. Mithai says thank you, if you didn’t challenge me then I wouldn’t work like this. Sid says you are a weird girl, I was against all this. Mithai says but you gave me strength. Sid tells Dadu that Apeksha cheated on me, I am sorry. Sid tells Mithai that you offered me to become your business partner and I accept that offer. Mithai gets excited.

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