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Molkki 13th August 2021 Written Update: Virendra recalls the moments with Purvi

Molkki 13th August 2021 Written Update Virendra recalls the moments with Purvi
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Molkki 13th August 2021 Written Update: Virendra recalls the moments with Purvi

Molkki 13th August 2021 Written Update

Molkki Upcoming Story, Spoilers, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Molkki 13th August 2021 Written Update…

Veer asks Virendra to not worry about home and Panchayat because he will take care of it and tells him to focus on his meeting with Daksh and the latter leaves from there. Sudha asks Veer that why he seems tense. He tells her that Purvi’s death changed Virendra so much. She nods at him and tells him that she made his favorite dishes but he refuses to eat saying that he is getting late and leaves for the Panchayat office. Prakashi tells Anjali that Veer treating Sudha really well because he is a good person but he still didn’t accept Sudha as his wife.

Virendra recalls the moments he shared with Purvi and thinks that is why Purvi left him. One girl tries to stop auto and Virendra who is going that way fails to see her face ( Ek Duje Ke Vaaste song plays in the background ). One car stops in front of that girl and that guy kidnaps her and she screams for help. She thinks that she needs to call Daksh because only he can save her and the kidnapper turns out to be Daksh. He asks her how was his prank.

Molkki 13th August 2021 Written Update

That girl turns out to be Purvi and she beats him for doing this kind of prank and she starts tickling him and he asks her to stop it. He stares at her and she asks him that what is he doing. He tells her that he is staring at the world’s most beautiful thing. She gets confused and he shows the flower. He informs her that he has an important meeting with Virendra Pratap Singh so he needs to go to the office and drops her at home.

Daksh’s sister dances with a dance choreographer. All the staff witnesses that and they make fun of that lady. They tell that that lady who crossed her marriage age still is single. She asks them to focus on the work because it’s Daksh’s birthday today. Purvi comes there and gives juice to her.

That lady tells her that she is already prepared for her marriage so the latter also needs to be ready for her marriage. Purvi tells her that no one going to propose to her. That lady asks her about Daksh. Purvi tells her that Daksh has an important meeting with Virendra so he left for office.

Meanwhile, Virendra waits for Daksh in Daksh’s cabin and he is about to see Purvi’s picture but Daksh comes there and apologizes to him for coming late. Daksh tells him that within 2 days he will prepare for their deal papers. Then he invites him to the birthday party. Virendra wishes him and tells him that he doesn’t like to attend the party so he can’t promise anything and leaves from there.

Daksh’s sister collides with Virendra in the hotel lobby and he holds her before she falls and he leaves from there. She dreams of marrying him and comes to reality and realizes that she sprained her leg. She calls Purvi and informs her about the sprain and asks her to pick her up and sends the location.

The receptionist asks Virendra to wait for few minutes saying that his room is not ready yet. Purvi comes there and searches for Daksh’s sister. She gets a glimpse of her past seeing Virendra’s backside and sits on the couch to take a rest. Virendra’s head collides with Purvi’s head by mistake and they turn to see each other. Molkki 13th August 2021 Written Update.

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