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Molkki 14th June 2021 Written Update Prakashi’s New plan for Purvi

Molkki 4th May 2021 Written Update: Sakshi finds nuptial chain in Virendra's room
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Molkki 14th June 2021 Written Update Prakashi’s New plan for Purvi

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Juhi says to Sakshi that no one can separate Purvi from them. Sakshi says to them that she will take care of them. Manas says to her that she is not Purvi and no one can take Purvi’s place. Juhi says to her that Purvi is so special for them so they are ready to receive punishment but they won’t let Purvi go anywhere and they runs from there. Purvi and Virendra overhears their conversation. Sakshi thinks that she can’t take Purvi’s place in Kids heart no matter what. Purvi asks Sakshi to not worry saying that she will make Kids understand and goes to talk to them.

Kids acts like sleeping seeing Purvi. Purvi tells them that everything happening with her permission and it’s good for everyone. Kids tells her that they won’t let her go anywhere. She tells them that now they are small but when they becomes adult they will understand her pain. Virendra comes there and tells Kids that they will understand the real meaning of love when they becomes adult. Juhi tells him that now they are not adults so why should they understand the pain now.

Manas tells him that they can’t live without Purvi. Virendra tells them that he also don’t want to live without Purvi but no one can change the fate and for Purvi’s happiness they need to separate. Purvi tells them that she also needs a family like them. Kids agrees for Purvi’s marriage. Kids tells Virendra that they will meet Purvi whenever they wants after her marriage.

Later, Sakshi tells her family that she didn’t find perfect groom for Purvi yet. Anjali tells her that she knows one groom and praises about him and his family. Sakshi tells her to invite them tomorrow to see Purvi. Later, Purvi gives notes to Sakshi and explains her that she wrote everything about Virendra and Kids. She tells her that she can’t leave just like that because Sakshi is the one who is going to handle everything in the future. Sakshi praises her for thinking about others always and tells her that she also want to become perfect like her.

Purvi tells her that the latter is perfect already and leaves from there. Virendra overhears their conversation. Sakshi asks God to send good groom for Purvi. Virendra thinks that he is proud of Purvi. Purvi thinks that soon she is going to leave the house and wonders that how her new life will be. Virendra could not able to concentrate on his work and recalls the moments he shared with Purvi. Purvi cries recalling the moments she shared with Virendra.

Anjali introduces Gaurav and his family to everyone. Prakashi praises Purvi. Anjali brings Purvi. Gaurav tells them that he likes Purvi. Sakshi asks Purvi about the latter’s opinion. Purvi tells her that if everyone is okay with this marriage then she don’t have any problem with it. Virendra also agrees for marriage and leaves from there saying that he has work to do. Sakshi and Prakashi talks about Purvi and Gaurav’s marriage. Kids sees Gaurav and discusses that they knows him.

Later, Anjali gives money to Gaurav. He tells her that he needs his full payment. She tells him that after engagement he will get full payment. Prakashi tells him that she knows that he is going to sell Purvi and he can do whatever he wants to do with Purvi but she should not return in their life.

Episode ends.

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