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Molkki 15th June 2021 Written Update Sakshi realises that Kids hided the truth

Molkki 4th May 2021 Written Update: Sakshi finds nuptial chain in Virendra's room
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Molkki 15th June 2021 Written Update Sakshi realises that Kids hided the truth

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Juhi and Manas goes to meet someone. Manas says to Juhi that they will end up in trouble if anyone get to know about it then. She asks him to not worry saying that nothing will happen and they are going to reach the destination soon. On the other hand, Sakshi asks Purvi to assume her as big sister and she will support her always.

Purvi tells her that she just wants her love nothing else. Sakshi tells her that she is going to look after the arrangements of the engagement. Purvi tells her that she want to meet Virendra once. Sakshi tells her that the latter can meet Virendra whenever she wants and she understands that she and Virendra shares a unique bond and leaves the room.

Purvi tells Virendra that he will get rid of her nonsense talks soon. He tells her that he can’t get rid of her memories and he wants her to stay happy with her new husband. She tells him that he become reason for her happiness. He tells her that he want to stop all this and it’s really hard for him to act like he is okay with this marriage and he is not able to tolerate that she is going to marry someone else and cries.

She asks him to handle himself and they can’t do anything so he also should accept the truth. He expects magic to happen so she can stay with him always. She tells him that she need to leave no matter what so he should not expect anything and leaves from there. He prays God to stop the marriage.

Juhi shows Gaurav’s picture to Champa and confirms that the latter knows him. She asks her to help them. Champa agrees to help them. Kids thanks her and leaves from there. Juhi says to Sakshi that she want to invite Champa for Purvi’s engagement. Sakshi gives permission to her and tells her to get ready for the engagement.

Gaurav and his parents comes there. Everyone welcomes them. Sakshi brings Purvi and makes her sit beside Gaurav. Kids waits for Champa. Manas says to Juhi that he will tell the truth to Purvi if Champa doesn’t come then.

Engagement ceremony begins. Manas asks Juhi that how can they expose Gaurav without Champa. Virendra is about to leave the venue but stops hearing Champa’s voice. Champa asks them to stop the engagement. Kids smiles seeing Champa. Anjali scolds Champa for stopping the engagement. Champa tells Virendra that Gaurav don’t deserve to marry Purvi and reveals that Gaurav’s original name is Rakesh and they are his fake parents and she even gave complaint against him for raping her. Everyone shocks hearing her.

Anjali asks Virendra to not believe Champa. He yells at her and calls Police to handover Gaurav. Then he beats Gaurav for planning to spoil Purvi’s life. Police comes there and arrests Gaurav. Champa reveals that Kids approached her that’s why she could able to expose Gaurav. Kids recalls that how they saw Gaurav with Champa in the past. Police appreciates the Kids. Kids hugs Virendra then goes to Purvi. Sakshi realises that Kids hided the truth from her and invited Champa to stop the engagement.

Episode ends.

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