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Molkki 1st June 2021 Written Update Purvi recalls Sakshi’s words

Molkki 4th May 2021 Written Update: Sakshi finds nuptial chain in Virendra's room
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Molkki 1st June 2021 Written Update Purvi recalls Sakshi’s words

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode begins with Purvi recalls Sakshi’s words while packing her clothes. She cries recalling the moments she shared with Kids and Virendra. On the other hand, Virendra asks Sakshi that how can she ask Purvi to leave the house, is she doing this just because Purvi did the right thing by supporting Radhika and tells her to not do injustice with Purvi and he is not able to believe that Sakshi can stoop this low to prove herself right. She tells him that he also changed and she understands that he did Molkki marriage because he thought she is not alive but now she returned to take care of Kids and him so they don’t need Molkki in their life.

He tells her that Molkki is also human being and they too has heart and feelings which everyone should respect but how can she think about Molkki like this. She tells him that she also cares about Molkki, Purvi is young girl and her life didn’t start yet and he is doing wrong with her by not letting her go to live her life. She tells him that Purvi deserves to live a happy life and she should marry a guy who is equal to her age to lead a happy life.

She asks him that why Purvi need to take care of others Kids when she can give birth to her own child and she also deserves respect in this society and it will happen only if she leaves their house. She tells him to think about their Kids because she don’t want them to stuck between mother and Molkki in the future and moreover she took this decision after thinking a lot and this is good for Purvi’s future too so she hopes he will support her.

Next day, Juhi informs Purvi that it’s Manas birthday today and takes her to help in party preparations. Manas tells Sakshi that he is happy that he can celebrate birthday with her and Purvi. Purvi informs Sakshi that she packed her clothes. Sakshi asks her to leave after Manas birthday party and gives ticket to her. Prakashi overhears their conversation and she informs about it to Anjali. Anjali tells her that she already knows about it. Prakashi tells her that once Purvi leaves, she will get all the properties from Sakshi.

Virendra wonders how to stop Purvi and how to make Sakshi understand. Purvi returns the gifts to Virendra. He tells her that she can’t leave the house. She tells him that Sakshi is right in her place. He asks her that why she can’t see his pain and why he is getting punished and he won’t let her go anywhere. She asks him to let her leave the house.

Sakshi makes cake for Manas birthday party. Manas asks Purvi to make cake for him like she did on Juhi’s birthday. Juhi tells them that both Sakshi and Purvi together should make cake for Manas. Sakshi thinks what Purvi will do after leaving the house and feels bad for her. She gives sarees and money to Purvi but Purvi refuses to accept it. They hugs each other. Virendra witness that.

Episode ends.

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