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Molkki 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update

Molkki 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Virendra recalls that how Vipul praised Purvi’s cooking and also how Anjali said that it’s not easy to forget first love. Purvi comes there with food plate. He says to her that he is not hungry so going to sleep. She asks him that how can she sleep if he slept without having food then and pleads him to eat for her. He tells her that only he has rights to praise her and asks her to feed him.

She tells him that Sakshi made her cook these dishes and feeds him. He realises that everything is Sakshi’s plan. She leaves the room and sees that Sakshi also preparing food plate for Virendra and informs about it to Virendra and tells him to eat that too and hides there. Sakshi comes there and tells him to have food saying that he can’t sleep without eating anything because he is diabetic patient. He eats it with difficulty. Purvi smiles seeing that.

Next day, Sakshi asks Purvi to help Vipul to find Virendra’s files. Purvi and Vipul searches files. She is about to fall so he holds her and Virendra sees them like that. She explains the situation to Virendra. Virendra asks Vipul to approach him if the latter wants any files then. Vipul tells him that he wanted to ask him only but Sakshi told him that Purvi will help him and leaves from there. Virendra thinks that Sakshi doing all this to unite Purvi and Vipul then searches her to talk to her. He questions Sakshi. She tells him that she is doing all this for Purvi then why he is getting angry. He tells her that he talked to Purvi and now she don’t love Vipul so the latter wasting her time. She tells him that Vipul still loves Purvi and fate also trying to unite them so she will make sure that Purvi agrees to marry Vipul within a week. He tells her that he is sure that Purvi won’t agree for marriage. They bet on Vipul and Purvi’s marriage. She asks him to not try to stop Purvi’s marriage if she agrees to marry Vipul then.

Kids shows puppy to Purvi and tells her that Vipul brought it. They plays with puppy. Sakshi smiles seeing that. Purvi praises about Vipul to Sakshi. She starts talking about their childhood stories. Sakshi tells her that tonight they should spend time together and joins Kids to play. Virendra understands Sakshi’s plan and decides to flop her plan.

Later, Sakshi puts the snacks on the table. Virendra asks Vipul to prepare report. Vipul goes to do his work. They starts playing. Sakshi asks about Vipul. Virendra tells her that Vipul is busy with work. Sakshi understands Virendra’s plan and goes to bring cool drinks and removes the fuse. She and Vipul brings candles. She tells Virendra that without light Vipul can’t work so he will go to work once light comes. Manas asks Vipul to sing. Sakshi asks Vipul to sing Purvi’s favourite song. Virendra sits in between Purvi and Vipul. Then game begins between Virendra and Vipul. Vipul wins the game. Virendra tells Purvi that he lost because of her. She tells him that she was just cheering for him.

Next day, Purvi tells Sakshi that she is going to market. Sakshi asks Vipul to go with Purvi to repair his mobile. Virendra asks Vipul to go to Goa’s Mukhiya house to bring file. He takes Vipul’s mobile and goes with Purvi. Sakshi accompanys Vipul. They reaches Mukhiya’s house and learns that they are not in Goa. Sakshi understands Virendra’s plan and thinks to do something.

On the other hand, Virendra says to Purvi that he planned surprise for her. She smiles seeing the decorations.

Episode ends.

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