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Molkki 22nd June 2021 Written Update Purvi thanks Virendra

Molkki 22nd June 2021 Written Update Purvi thanks Virendra

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Purvi thanks Virendra for planning surprise for her and tells him that they should not do all this and reminds him that they decided to stay away from each other until their divorce. He tells her that he want to spend time with her until their divorce and she can think of him as selfish, he don’t care and asks her to give memories to him so he can live with those memories once she leaves. She agrees to spend time with him forgetting everything.

Sakshi and Vipul reaches the mansion and he goes inside to do his work. Sakshi asks maid about Virendra. Maid tells her that Virendra asked her to pack things for picnic and after that she didn’t see him. Anjali tells Sakshi that she saw Virendra and Purvi going inside the forest together and asks her that why they didn’t inform the latter about it.

Sakshi goes to the forest without saying anything and shocks seeing Virendra and Purvi. She thinks that how Purvi asked her to meet Virendra once and how Virendra is against Purvi’s marriage. Virendra tries to get close to Purvi then they feeds each other. Sakshi recalls what all Virendra did to separate Vipul and Purvi and cries seeing Virendra and Purvi’s closeness and leaves from there.

Later, Sakshi asks Vipul that if he loves Purvi still and reveals that Priyashi told everything to her and she also can see love for Purvi in his eyes so if he got chance then will he marry Purvi. He accepts that he really loves Purvi but now she is Virendra’s Molkki. She asks him to not think about it and tells him to just say his answer. She reveals that she returned in Virendra’s life so Virendra and Purvi’s divorce going to happen.

After some time, Vipul asks Purvi about her and Virendra’s divorce. She agrees that their divorce going to happen. He tells her that he never saw a selfish man like Virendra. She gets angry and warns him to not utter a word against Virendra. She reveals that she wanted to leave the house because Sakshi returned and it’s not Virendra’s mistake.

He apologize to her saying that he misunderstood the matter and asks her that if she loves Virendra because he saw her happy with him. She sees Sakshi eavesdropping their conversation and lies to Vipul that she don’t love Virendra but just respects him that’s it. He thanks her for answering all the questions. Sakshi thinks that they are made for each other and she won’t let Virendra separate them.

Sakshi confronts Virendra about picnic and his lies. He tells her that he wants Purvi’s happiness but he don’t want to hurt Sakshi too and apologize to her. She tells him that Vipul and Purvi’s marriage will happen for everyone’s goodness and leaves from there. He thinks that Purvi loves him so she won’t agree to marry Vipul.

Next day, Vipul asks Purvi that if she loves him still. She asks him to forget their past and start a new life and let her live her life and she won’t marry him never and tells him that she wants him to leave the mansion. Virendra overhears their conversation. Sakshi learns about Purvi’s rejection. Vipul tells her that Purvi needs time to start her new life and he decided to leave the mansion tomorrow.

At night, Virendra learns that Purvi is suffering from backpain and he applies ointment. She thinks that Maid came to her room then shocks seeing Virendra there and asks him to leave from there. He refuses to leave saying that he won’t leave until she recovers completely and massage her and then sleeps there.

Next day, Sakshi searches Virendra. Purvi wakes up and asks Virendra to leave. Sakshi sees Virendra coming out of Purvi’s room and confronts him. He tells her that she misunderstood the matter. She badmouths him. He tells her that he did nothing wrong and asks her to stop talking nonsense.

Episode ends.

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