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Molkki 25th May 2021 Written Update Purvi slaps Vikas

Molkki 4th May 2021 Written Update: Sakshi finds nuptial chain in Virendra's room
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Molkki 25th May 2021 Written Update Purvi slaps Vikas

Molkki 25th The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Purvi slaps Vikas for his misbehaviour and warns him to remember this slap before misbehaving with her. Aarti scolds Purvi for slapping her husband. Sakshi asks Purvi that what happened and why she slapped Vikas. Purvi tells her that he deserves that slap. Vikas acts in front of them and tells them that he just saved Purvi but in return she insulted him and he can’t stay in the place where he gets insulted like this and decides to leave from there with Aarti.

Purvi tells him that she is Molkki that’s not mean that he can touch her inappropriately again and again and asks him to tell the truth instead of lying. Aarti asks Sakshi that why the latter standing silently and Vikas’s insult means her insult and she didn’t came to get insulted by Molkki. Virendra comes there and asks what happened. Purvi tells him that Vikas misbehaved with her so she slapped him.

Vikas defends himself saying that he just tried to save Purvi. Prakashi tells them that it’s not Vikas mistake and Purvi misunderstood him. Sakshi tells Purvi that how can she behave like this with guest because of her misunderstanding. Virendra says to them that Purvi never lies and maybe Vikas also not lying and asks them to forget the incident.

Aarti goes to pack her luggage. Sakshi follows her. Vikas tells Aarti that none accused him like this till now. Aarti apologize to Vikas. Sakshi also apologize to him on behalf of Purvi and asks them to not leave like this. Vikas agrees to stay and smriks.

Next day, Purvi says to Virendra that she is not coming to the temple but staying in the house to take care of Kids. Vikas decides to stay in the house thinking he won’t get a chance like this again. He acts like his stomach paining.

Aarti also decides to stay with him to take care of him. He tells her that she should go to temple and he will take care of himself and asks Virendra to take them to the temple. Prakashi tells that he will be fine after drinking kada and tells maid to make kada for him. Everyone leaves for temple except Vikas.

Maid gives kada to Purvi and asks her to give it to Vikas saying that none is at house. Purvi wonders how can she face Vikas alone especially after what happened yesterday night. She goes to Vikas’s room with kada. He touches her hand while taking the glass from her. She drops the glass. He tries to molest her.

She warns him to not touch her and tries to call Virendra. He snatches the mobile from her. She screams for help. He tells her that she is Molkki and tears her clothes. Kids searches Purvi and sees Purvi and Vikas. Juhi tells Manas that Vikas hurting Purvi so they need to save Purvi and tells her plan to Manas. Juhi throws hot water at Vikas and falls down.

Episode ends.

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