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Molkki 26th May 2021 Written Update Prakashi instigates Sakshi

मोल्की 13 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: पुरवी ने साक्षी को महल में ले जाने का फैसला किया
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Molkki 26th May 2021 Written Update Prakashi instigates Sakshi

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Virendra notices Purvi’s missed calls and calls her but no response from other side. Purvi goes to Juhi. Virendra gets worried for Purvi and informs about it to Prakashi. She tells him that Purvi must be busy in the kitchen and he is overreacting and they leaves from the temple.

Everyone shocks seeing Juhi in unconscious state. Virendra asks Purvi that what happened to Juhi. But she stays silent. He asks her that why she is not saying anything and notices her clothes then asks her that how it happened.

Purvi reveals that Vikas tried to molest her and while saving her Juhi fell down. Vikas comes there with his luggage. Virendra yells at Vikas and asks him that how dare he to do this with Purvi and Juhi. Vikas says to him that it’s injustice for him because Virendra didn’t listen his side story and tells him that Purvi lying.

Vikas tells Aarti that they should not stay in the house for a second also. Virendra asks him to tell his side story. Vikas says to him that Purvi is liar and characterless, she tried to get close to him but he stopped her so now lying in front of everyone to insult him.

Virendra tells him that he trust Purvi and he knows that she is not that kind of person still before giving judgement he want to listen her side story too. He asks her to tell everything without fearing about anyone. She tells him that she went to Vikas room to give kada to him and there he tried to molest her then she screamed for help and by listening her scream Juhi poured hot water on Vikas to save her.

Anjali says to her that she feels bad for her and asks her that what proof she has to prove all this because Virendra needs proof. Purvi tells her that Juhi is unconscious otherwise Juhi would have told the truth to them. Anjali says to them that they can’t wait for Juhi to regain her consciousness.

Manas comes there and says to them that he has proof. He reveals that when Juhi tried to save Purvi from Vikas, he recorded everything and he gives his mobile to Virendra. Virendra loses his control seeing that video and starts beating Vikas. Aarti pleads Virendra to leave Vikas. Sakshi shocks seeing Virendra like that. Seeing Manas’s scared face, Virendra leaves Vikas and throws him out of the house.

Later, Prakashi says to Sakshi that she didn’t like the way Virendra beated Vikas. Sakshi tells her that Vikas deserved that and she is feeling bad for Aarti. Prakashi tells her that the latter and Aarti’s condition is same. She tells her that Virendra loves Purvi and his eyes and his actions proved that today. Then she instigates her against Purvi.

Virendra gets ready to leave for Delhi. Purvi goes to give milk to Virendra but Anjali stops her and asks her to make kada for Prakashi. She sees Virendra leaving the house and feels bad. Kids takes Purvi out to eat ice cream. Purvi gets surprised seeing Virendra there. He gives ice cream to Kids and tells Purvi that how can he leave without meeting her.

Episode ends.

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