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Molkki 27th May 2021 Written Update Prakashi instigates Aarti

Molkki 27th May 2021 Written Update: Prakashi instigates Aarti and Vikas against Purvi
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Molkki 27th May 2021 Written Update Prakashi instigates Aarti

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Virendra says to Purvi that how can he leave without meeting her that’s why he took Kids help to see her. She thanks him saying that she would have really felt bad if he left without seeing her then but now she is happy. He tells her to take care of herself and others too and leaves from there.

Purvi sees one girl coming towards her and then that girl faints. She takes that girl inside the house. Sakshi says to Purvi that she learnt that Purvi brought one girl and shocks seeing the girl who is in unconscious state. She tells Purvi that that girl is Radhika, Aarti’s sister. Purvi tells her that it looks like Radhika came to seek Virendra’s help. They goes out hearing noise.

One middle age couple fights with security guard. Prakashi asks what’s happening. Sakshi tells that they are Radhika and Aarti’s parents. Radhika’s parents asks them to bring Radhika. Purvi tells them that it looks like Radhika needs help and now she taking rest and asks them that do they know what happened to Radhika. Radhika says to Purvi that she won’t go with her parents. Sakshi asks her to not worry about anything and leave with her parents. Radhika’s father yells at Radhika. Purvi wonders why Radhika is not going with her parents.

Sakshi calls Aarti and informs her about Radhika. Aarti tells her that Radhika is pregnant still not going to her husband’s house instead she is making excuses to live with the guy whom she loves and asks her to handover Radhika to her father and not believe Radhika’s words because she will lie to get sympathy. Sakshi informs Purvi about Aarti’s decision. Radhika asks Purvi to save her.

Purvi says to Sakshi that something is fishy otherwise why Radhika will deny to go with her parents and decides to not send her until Virendra returns because Radhika came to seek Virendra’s help. Radhika’s parents threatens to call the Police. Purvi tells them that they can do whatever they wants. Sakshi asks them to not call the Police and soon she will bring Radhika to their house. They leaves from there.

Prakashi provokes Sakshi against Purvi. She tells her that Purvi don’t respect her that’s why she behaved liked that in front of Radhika’s parents. Purvi comes there and thanks Sakshi for supporting her and suggests her that they should talk to Radhika once before taking any decision. Sakshi tells her that Purvi is right and they leaves from there. Anjali tells Prakashi that this plan too flopped.

Radhika says to Sakshi that she don’t love any guy in fact she is running away from her husband and in laws. She reveals that they get to know that she is going to give birth to girl child but they wants boy so they are trying to kill her child. Purvi consoles Radhika and feeds her. Sakshi wonders who is telling the truth.

Prakashi meets Aarti and Vikas and instigates them against Purvi. Vikas says to her that seems like she has plan to teach lesson to Purvi. She tells her plan to them and leaves from there. Virendra talks to Sakshi and Purvi simultaneously. Purvi informs Virendra about Radhika.

Episode ends.

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