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Molkki 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Molkki 27th May 2021 Written Update: Prakashi instigates Aarti and Vikas against Purvi
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Molkki 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Kids asks Purvi and Sakshi to sing lullaby. They hears Aarti’s screaming. Purvi asks Sakshi to stay with Kids and she will go downstairs. Sakshi tells her that Aarti is screaming so she will go downstairs. Aarti asks Sakshi that why she didn’t send Radhika with her parents, first Virendra beated Vikas and now she is not sending Radhika with her parents. Sakshi says to her that Vikas did wrong with Purvi and he deserved that punishment and she is not understanding that after that too how dare he to enter the house. Aarti says to her that it’s about Radhika that’s why they came and asks her to send Radhika with them.

Sakshi tells her that Radhika’s in laws want to kill Radhika’s child so she won’t send her. Aarti asks her that how can she even think that she and her parents will do something against Radhika. Sakshi says to her that she believes her but she can’t ignore Radhika’s words too. Aarti tells her that Radhika lying and now Radhika’s in laws are ready to accept Radhika even though they knows that what all Radhika did in her college days. She informs her that her mother is not well now and video calls her father to confirm that.

Prakashi and Anjali too supports Aarti. Anjali says to Prakashi that they should send Radhika with Aarti. Prakashi says to Sakshi that Radhika’s family has more rights on her and they won’t do anything wrong with Radhika. Sakshi brings Radhika. Radhika gets afraid seeing Aarti and asks Sakshi to not send her with them. Aarti hugs Radhika and tells her that their mother is not well. Radhika screams for help and Purvi hears that. Aarti and Vikas takes Radhika from there.

Prakashi tells Purvi that Aarti took Radhika with her and its Sakshi decision. Purvi asks Sakshi that why the latter send Radhika with Aarti and says to her that she did wrong with Radhika. Sakshi asks her to not question her because she knows that what she is doing and reminds her that this is her house and leaves from there. Prakashi says to Anjali that this is just a beginning.

Purvi and Kids goes out to save Radhika. Prakashi praises Sakshi for showing the real place to Purvi. Sakshi tells her that she knows that what she has to do. Prakashi tells her to not let Purvi interfere in her life. Sakshi tells her that now none can snatch her position from her not even Prakashi. Prakashi leaves from there without saying anything. Other side, Purvi and Kids searches Radhika. Virendra asks the car driver to drive fast and wonders what’s happening in the house.

Radhika tells Aarti that she can’t walk anymore. Vikas and Aarti threatens her and forcefully takes her from there. Radhika hears Purvi’s voice and screams for help. Purvi finds Radhika and tries to save her. Vikas pushes Purvi and she falls on Virendra. Radhika tells Virendra that Vikas and Aarti were taking her forcefully. Purvi tells everything to Virendra. Radhika says to Virendra that they are trying to kill her child. Virendra glares Vikas.

Episode ends.

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