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Molkki 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

Molkki 26th April 2021 Written Update: Virendra decides to marry Purvi in Goa
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Molkki 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Virendra calls Sakshi. Sakshi asks him that what Radhika doing with him. He asks her that why she send Radhika with them and tells her that she was with him when he gave judgements then how can she do mistake today by supporting the wrong people and being a woman how she failed to understand another woman’s pain, he didn’t expect this from her. She asks him that why he is talking with her like this without knowing the truth. He tells her that Purvi told everything to him and Radhika’s family want to abort her child.

She tells him that that’s not complete truth in fact Radhika loves someone else so she is betraying her family. He asks her that how she knows that Radhika lying. She tells him that Aarti said to her everything. He asks her that how can she believe Aarti when she supports her characterless husband and tells her that he don’t believe Aarti. He asks her that why she failed to see the truth in Radhika’s eyes. She accepts that she knows that Aarti did wrong by supporting her husband but why she will lie to her about Radhika.

Aarti tells Virendra that Radhika is naive who don’t know what is right for her. He tells her to not speak because he understands everything. Sakshi tries to say something but he stops her saying that she don’t have any proof to prove her point and she should have supported Radhika like Purvi.

He praises Purvi and tells her that they should support Radhika and it’s their responsibility to save Radhika’s child but he is disappointed with her decision. He announces that Radhika can stay in the house until she wants and he will punish the culprit then leaves from there. Purvi takes Radhika inside. Aarti and Vikas leaves the house.

Anjali says to Prakashi that Virendra did wrong by behaving like this with Sakshi that too in front of everyone and gives water to Sakshi. Prakashi provokes Sakshi against Purvi and tells her that she also didn’t like the way Virendra treated Sakshi today. Anjali says to her that Virendra supported Purvi going against Sakshi. Sakshi cries hearing them.

Sakshi goes to Virendra and asks him that when he learnt to insult his wife in front of everyone that too for Molkki. She asks him that does he believe Purvi’s words more than her words. He tells her that today Purvi is right and Sakshi is wrong in Radhika’s matter.

She tells him that she noticed that he always gives importance to Purvi’s words and for Purvi he even lied to her. He reveals to her that he learnt the truth from the head of the village and Radhika telling the truth. She tells him that he should have talked to her alone about it instead of insulting her in front of everyone.

He asks her to think when she calms down and leaves from there. Purvi overhears their conversation and apologize to Sakshi saying that she did everything for Radhika only. Sakshi tells her that everything happening because of Purvi and she can’t tolerate her presence anymore because her family attached with her a lot and pleads her to leave the house. Purvi agrees to leave the house. Virendra overhears their conversation.

Episode ends.

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