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Molkki 8th June 2021 Written Update Virendra learns the truth

Molkki 4th May 2021 Written Update: Sakshi finds nuptial chain in Virendra's room
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Molkki 8th June 2021 Written Update Virendra learns the truth

Molkki The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Purvi donates her blood to save Sakshi’s life. On the other hand, Virendra asks Driver to drive fast and thinks that if anything happens to Sakshi then he won’t be able to forgive himself and prays for her safety. After some time, Doctor examines Sakshi and tells Purvi that now Sakshi crossed the critical stage and she needs rest now and asks her to take care of herself and Sakshi and leaves from there.

Sakshi regains her consciousness. Virendra comes there and asks Sakshi that why she did that and tells her that she should have thought about Kids at least. Kids comes there and asks Purvi about Sakshi. Purvi tells them that Sakshi is fine now. Kids goes to Sakshi. Juhi says to Sakshi that she thought that the latter will leave her again and cries. Purvi thanks God for saving Sakshi’s life.

On the other hand, Prakashi says to Anjali that it’s good that Sakshi didn’t die otherwise she can’t get Sakshi’s sign to get all the properties. Anjali tells her that now because of guilt Virendra will stay with Sakshi always to take care of her and that will hurt Purvi definitely. Prakashi tells her that, that won’t be enough for her and tells something to her.

Purvi prepares soup for Sakshi. Anjali taunts Purvi and tells her that the latter is responsible for Sakshi’s decision because she snatched Virendra and Kids from Sakshi and pleads her to leave from Sakshi and Virendra’s life and not come in between them and leaves from there.

Next day, Doctor tells Virendra that now Sakshi is fine completely. Virendra thanks him. Doctor asks him to thank Purvi because she is the one who saved Sakshi’s life by donating blood on time.

Later, Sakshi asks Purvi that why the latter saved her life. Purvi tells her that the latter need to live for Virendra and Kids. Sakshi tells her that no one needs her and asks her to not show fake concern towards her because Purvi is responsible for her condition and reveals that she knows about Virendra and Purvi’s marriage.

Purvi tells her that Virendra wanted to give good life to her that’s why he decided to marry her not because he loves her and he just loves Sakshi. Sakshi tells her that she knows that Virendra loves her and reveals about Virendra’s confession.

Purvi asks Virendra that why he confessed his feelings to Sakshi without thinking about the consequences. He tells her that no one cares about his feelings that’s why he told the truth to Sakshi.

She tells him that they can’t live together because situation changed and he can live with one person only and she can’t snatch Sakshi’s family from her and asks him to divorce her. He tells her that he can’t divorce her. She tells him that this decision is difficult but not impossible so he need to divorce her for Sakshi and Kids sake. She pleads him to support her in this decision.

Episode ends.

Distributed By : Colors and Voot

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