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Mouna Raagam 26th April 2021 Written Update Sathya uploads video


Mouna Raagam 26th April 2021 Written Update Sathya uploads video

Mouna Raagam 26th April 2021 Written Update Sathya uploads video

The episode starts with Karthick is consoling Sruthi. She questions Karthick why did Tharun disliked her? In which way she is not equal to that Sathya? Karthick says to her nothing like that. Stuthi says to him that she likes Tharun a lot she will do anything for him. But he proposed to that Sathya in front of her. Why is he like that Sathya leaving her behind? Why don’t he like her? Why is he behaving like this? Karthick asks her to leave this topic. Sruthi says to him that she searched for two weeks to buy his favourite things. She spends lots to time to collect all things. She arranged everything for his birthday but he proposed to Sathya. It’s hurting her a lot.

Karthick advices to Sruthi that Tharun likes Sathya that does not mean that Sruthi is good for nothing or He hates Sruthi. She is beautiful, educated and has all wealth. Don’t looks down on yourself. Sruthi again question him then why did Tharun disliked her. Karthick says to her that Tharun is ready to treat her as a friend life long but she is adamant in her decision.

Sruthi complaints that she can’t able to forget Tharun. She only needs him in her life. If she marry to him then she will take care of him well. Why don’t he understand that at all? Karthick says to her that she shouldn’t go behind when he is not respecting her feelings. Sruthi says to him that he proposed to Sathya in front of her many times. It’s all hurting her.

Kadhambari informs to Karthick that Sruthi went to meet Tharun in his house. Though he refused to accept her feelings. Manohar too insulted her. Karthick questions her why is she going there? What’s the need to go behind him? Karthick advices to Sruthi that she will get someone in her life whom loving her honestly. She can wait for that person. Sruthi stands adamant that she only needs that Tharun. She can’t able to forget him at all.

Kadhambari provokes Sruthi against Karthick by saying that Tharun proposed to that Sathya that’s he is not supporting Sruthi. He will bless Sathya to live long there. Sruthi says to him that she prepared to sing in birthday party but Karthick asked Sathya to sing. Karthick hurted her on that day. Tharun proposed to Sathya in front of her and hurted her.

Both hurted her for that Sathya. Sakthi approach Nurse to help her uploading the video. She offers help to her. Nurse asks her to say what’s in her mind. Sakthi sings a song thinking about her mom. She requests to all to help her. She shares to them that she only has her mother. She met with an accident and she couldn’t able to take further treatment. She needs money to do the surgery. She asks everyone to help her mom to do the surgery. She gives the hospital address to her. She thank all.

Varun is thinking about his mom. Tharun comes there and questions him why is he looking dull? He informs to him that he reminded his mom. He shares to him about his childhood memories. Tharun asks him to consider about Father’s word. Varun stands strong in his decision to don’t marry anyone. Tharun says to him that he has no problems but he is imagine a lot. Varun says to him that love on him made everyone blind here that’s why his problem is not big to them. He says to him clearly that father may thinking good for him. But he don’t wanna spoil one girl life. Varun leaves from there. Tharun gets Sathya video. He disappointed with her for not taking his help instead request to all. Sruthi too gets this video. She irks to see it.

Episode end.

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