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Mouna Raagam 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

मौना रागम 12 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: कार्तिक परिवार को चौंकाने वाली खबर का इंतजार है
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Mouna Raagam 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Mouna Raagam Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Mouna Raagam 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update…..

The episode starts with Tharun takes Manohar away to talk with him in private. Varun reminds his moments with Sathya and feels emotional. He cries thinking about her. Manohar questions Tharun why is he taking him here to talk? Tharun asks him to calm down reasoning many things are happening there but he is not thinking about Varun yet. Manohar tells him that he is doing everything for Varun he has no problem with Karthick other then this. Tharun tells him that he done everything for Varun marriage right if it goes like this then this marriage won’t happen here. Manohar says to him that Sathya was the one decided to stop this wedding.

Tharun explains to him that Karthick fans will also react like this then how will he expect Sathya to behave reasoning she has so much respect in Karthick. Manohar questions him Is he blaming him now? Doesn’t their family mentioned Varun as mentally abnormal person then how will he treat him? Tharun explains to him that he challenged them he will perform Varun marriage well if he do it then he will win in it. Manohar demands to insult Karthick in the same way he did to him? Tharun tells him that he is taking decision in anger. Sheela questions him why is Sathya poked her head in this matter. Tharun asks her to calm down and explains to him that Varun agreed to marry after long effort. He went to commit suicide they tried hard to change his mind.

Tharun pleads with Manohar to stop pushing Varun into mental trouble again. This marriage is very important to him he was so happy after so many years don’t ruin his happiness for his ego. Tharun apologies to Karthick behalf of his dad. Karthick says to him that he didn’t done any mistake. He tells him that he has lots of respect on him. Tharun says to Sathya that Varun is so happy after so many years. He never talked with anyone before he only felt comfortable with her only. He used to scare for everything he changed himself after she came to his life. He was broken after hearing the news. He will be happy if she marry him.

Sathya tells him that Manohar treated wrongly with Karthick. Tharun says to her that he apologiesd to Karthick behalf of his dad. He talked with his dad also he won’t insult Karthick hereafter. He convinces Sathya and makes her sit on mandap. Sruthi excuses Karthick and leaves. Manohar’s business friend comes there and greets him. He meets Karthick and talks with him happily Manohar dislikes it. Tharun meets his friends and discuss about the cake cutting programme after marriage. Sruthi comes there and joins with them. Sruthi signals something to her friends they leaves from there leaving them alone.

Sruthi questions him Is he tensed alot? Tharun informs to her that he was so tensed and scared whether this marriage will take place or not? Sruthi says to him she too fears the same. His relatives comes there and have a conversation with them. Sruthi blushes hearing the marriage topic. Sheela is talking with her relatives. Relative praises the decorations. She questions her why did bride sitting alone in homam? She lies to her that Varun is allergic to smoke. She questions her Is Varun has any problems? That’s why he didn’t get any girl for marriage. Priest asks Manohar to bring Varun on mandap.

Manohar demands priest to removes the homam. Priest deny it reasoning he shouldn’t do it. Sheela lies to him that groom has smoke allergy it’s not good for his health. Priest listen to him without option. Tharun goes to bring Varun. Varun questions him what happened? He informs to Varun it’s a small matter all problems are over. Nothing to worry. He informs to him that Sathya sitting on mandap. Varun reaches to Mandap and sits beside her. Both looks at each other.
episode end.

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