Myth or fact: Facial icing reduces puffiness, shrinks pore size

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As part of their skincare routines, many people swear by face icing to find relief from many skin woes — from puffiness to inflammation. But are ice facials, also known as cold therapy, as effective as believed to be?

“Though not as miraculous as it is made out to be on social media, face icing has its benefits,” Dr Gurveen Waraich, a dermatologist, wrote on Instagram, as she further listed some benefits along with the dos and don’ts one must follow while applying ice cubes on their face directly.

Some benefits include:

1. Reduces puffiness: Face icing aids in lymphatic drainage of the face, in turn, reducing puffiness, especially under the eye area, she shared.

2. Shrinks pore size (super temporary): The expert wrote that “as icing cause vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels), your pores will look smaller immediately after icing,” adding that the effect, though, is “very temporary”. She added that doing so could be a “good hack before applying makeup.”

3. Reduces inflammation: This inexpensive technique can also help reduce inflammation, she further shared.

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She further shared some dos and don’ts:

*Don’t apply ice cubes directly on the face, wrap it in a muslin cloth or cotton gauze.
* Keep the cube moving, don’t rest it on a particular area for too long.
* While using a face icing bowl, dip your face for no more than 5 seconds in one cycle. “Morning is the ideal time to do icing. 5 seconds on, 3 seconds off for a total of maximum 8-10 cycles,” she suggested.

But, if you are a migraine patient, “don’t attempt face icing as it can trigger a migraine attack,” she warned. “Also, if you have a history of urticaria or hives it is best to avoid face icing. Icing dehydrates the skin so always follow it up with a good layer of moisturiser,” she mentioned.

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