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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanika insults Vidhi

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update
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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanika insults Vidhi

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 4th August 2022 Written Update 

Bimla asks Vidhi to get ready. Hariprasad keeps the condition for Vidhi that she shall go to the office only for a month. He says if I feel that this job is not good for Vidhi and our house, then she shall leave this job with my one saying. Bimla says ok. Hariprasad says he will go to drop her off and asks her to pack the tiffin. Seema jokes. Vidhi asks what will I work there? Peeli laughs. Bimla says it is their work to think about what to give you work and asks her to think about what to wear. Dev is in the car. The driver stops the car. Dev looks at a boy who is looking at the lady and her children having ice cream. Dev asks the Driver to give him 100 Rs. He gets down from the car, buys ice cream from the shop, and gives it to the boy. The boy gets happy. Dev sits in the car and asks the driver to take left. The driver asks shall I take you to balghar. Dev smiles.

Bimla irons Vidhi’s clothes, while Seema combs her hair. Song plays….Peeli brings a tiffin and keeps it in the bag. Vidhi gets ready and prays to Milapni Devi goddess to help her and be with her, as this day is coming in her life for the first time. She keeps the flower in her bag. Bimla asks her to have sugar and curd. Hariprasad’s friend Kaluchacha comes there and asks Vidhi to have laddoos made by him. He says to keep it in front of Maiyya first, as the miracle happened due to her, Hariprasad frog is peeping out of the well. Hariprasad comes and says you are challenging me in my house. Bimla and Vidhi see him wearing the kurta and the coat.

He says today is Diwali day, as I am going to drop her to the office. She says I didn’t understand why you are going. He says I will go and see the office, and will also give sweets to the neighbors and also in the office. Kalu Chacha says these sweets are from my side. Other ladies come there. Vidhi gives them prasad. The lady tells Vidhi that they have come for her as she is going to her job. Hariprasad tells Bimla that he doesn’t like to see them here. The lady says she knows that he is talking about her, but she won’t feel like it always. She wishes Vidhi and goes. Kaluchacha gives sweets to Urmila and her husband. Urmila eats sweets. Her husband tells her about Vidhi’s job. Urmila is shocked.

Vidhi, Seema and Hariprasad come to the Bal ghar. Hariprasad goes inside to distribute the sweets. Vidhi asks the watchman to tie Rocky, the dog. Seema says it is the misery of rocky that he gets tied whenever you come. Vidhi says sorry to Rocky and asks him to give him a sign if he loves her. the dog barks. Vidhi says it doesn’t love me. Seema says let’s go inside. Vidhi meets the kids and asks if they are studying well. The warden lady tells that the kids get happy seeing her. She tells Hariprasad that there is one person like his daughter, who set up this Ashram and takes care of their needs.

She says today is special for him also like it is for your daughter. She asks him to see the sweets and decorations there. He asks who is he. The warden says he asked us not to reveal his name to anyone. Hariprasad says ok. The warden tells that Vidhi gave these kids, relation to their elder sister. Vidhi asks the girl Shreya to drive the plane slowly, as she gets scared. The kid gives her sweets and says his secret uncle sent it for him. Vidhi asks who is he. The kids say we didn’t see him, but he is nice and sends everything we need. Vidhi says maybe he loves you all. The kids say we love him and you, both. The kids write a message on Vidhi’s hand. Seema says her hand will be spoiled.

Hariprasad gives sweets to the security guard at Dev’s office. The guard asks for the joining letter. Hariprasad says Dev saheb had come to our house and offered her a job. The guard says you are a big personality then. Vidhi calls Indra, a helper, and says Dev sir had called her. Indra asks Guard to let them come inside. Vidhi gives her sweets. Indra asks them to go to that side, referring to the left side. The employee asks why did she come? Hariprasad says for a job. The employees gossip that it seems the father came to drop his daughter at school or sasural. Hariprasad looks at them. They greet him. Hariprasad says the office is big.

Vidhi tries to remember the way to Dev’s cabin and collides with a vase. All employees look at her. Kanika comes there and asks how dare you come here? Vidhi says dev sir called me for a job. Kanika says you refused to work and told me so much and now came as if there is nothing. Hariprasad asks what is this way? Kanika says Dev sir must not have given you a reply for your misbehavior, but I know this well. She asks the guard to send them out and asks them to get out.

Dev comes there with Yogesh and asks what is happening here. Vidhi makes a sad face. Dev signs all the employees to go and asks Kanika if is this a way to talk to them like that. Kanika says they entered the office forcibly. Dev says he had offered her a job. Kanika says you had gone to give them money. Yogesh says Dev had informed me of whatever happened at their house. Kanika says you didn’t share with me. Hariprasad asks Vidhi to come. Dev asks them to stop. Hariprasad says we have come here for you, and I feel we have done a mistake.

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