Naagin 6 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Naagin 6 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ranjeet saying to his team members that Prathna misunderstood the situation and sent her dad into a coma and she doesn’t even know Rudra and Rishabh are innocent. Prathna gets shocked. Naman receives the call and tells them that defense people entered the party to catch them. Prathna comes out from her hiding place and confronts them about how can they make a daughter against her father.

Zain says he will escape in his helicopter and takes the gun and is about to shoot Prathna. Pratha stops him. Prathna thrashes Naman for cheating Rudra. Tara and Urvashi see everything. Tara recalls how she used Naagin to get treasure from Zain as she wants to have Treasure and Naagmani. Urvashi and Tara leave there to see the action scene.

Naagin 6 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Pratha and Prathna thrash everyone. Zain runs from there. Pratha and Prathna go behind him. Zain scares them that he will press the bomb. The defense team people come there to catch Zain. Pratha says they can’t become Naagin in front of them. Prathna freezes time and kills Zain exploding the bomb. Pratha says I told you right, your Dad is innocent and you will know it soon but you attacked him.

Prathna says she didn’t attack him and won’t leave the people who are responsible for her dad’s condition. Defense people inform Rudra that Zain is dead. Pratha and Prathna return the treasure to its original place and they close the secret door with their Taandav.

Prathna recalls how she left Rishabh that day without harming him. Prathna feels guilty for doubting Rishabh and Rudra. Pratha tries to stop her but Prathna goes to Shiv Ji and tells him that she did a crime by thinking to kill her husband and Father. She says she doesn’t deserve Shesh Naagin’s powers and asks Shiv Ji to take back her powers. She doesn’t get any response.

Prathna calls her Shesh clan and orders them to snatch her powers from her. Nagin’s come there and bites Prathna to remove her powers from her. Prathna asks Naagmani to leave her. Pratha stops Prathna and tells her that the Country needs Shesh Naagin and she just misunderstood the situation, you realized your mistake and we have to catch the culprit who harmed your dad and I need my daughter and Shesh Naagin so order Naagin clan to leave from here. Prathna requests Naag clan members to leave. They leave.

Pratha and Prathna return home. Anmol asks where they went from the Halloween party. Prathna says they went to buy her bracelet and gift her. Anmol says it’s good. Pratha asks Anmol to take a rest as tomorrow is her engagement. Anmol shows them Mansa devi’s book.

She says she feels they are facing problems because of Naag and Naagins so she wants to do Mansa Devi puja before the engagement. Pratha says tomorrow is your engagement then how can you do it? Anmol asks Pratha and Prathna to do puja for her. They agree. Anmol thanks them and goes to her room. Pratha tells Prathna that they have to do puja in the temple as they are Naagins.

The next day, Pratha and Prathna perform the puja. Pratha asks Prathna to place her naagmani in front of Mansa Devi. Prathna places it. Pratha creates a line around them and tells Prathna that it’s can’t be removed until puja is finished. Prathna agrees. Pratha and Prathna perform puja. Prathna takes back her naagmani. They leave from there. Diya blows off in the temple.

At home, Prathna tells her dad that she won’t leave the culprit who is behind his state. Anmol comes there. Pratha praises Anmol’s look. Anmol feels bad seeing Rishabh. Prathna assures her Rishabh will be fine soon. Friends of Anmol come there and take Anmol with them. Pratha advises Prathna to reveal all the truth to Rudra. Prathna agrees.

Pratha requests Rishabh to get well soon for her. Prathna calls Rudra. She receives a busy tone and she notices Rudra is talking to someone on call and going upstairs. She follows him. She hears Sanjana is having a deal with who harmed Rishabh. Prathna enters inside to find who’s that person.

That person escapes from there. Prathna strangles Sanjana and confronts her to tell whom she is having a deal with. Sanjana doesn’t reveal her. Tara attacks Prathna. Prathna gets shocked seeing her. They leave from there. Prathna searches for Rudra to tell him the truth and seeks his help to catch the culprit.

Everyone waits for Groom. Rudra joins Anmol. Prathna gets shocked and confronts Rudra about how can he marry Anmol when he is already married to her. Rudra says you married me by deceit and to take revenge on me. Prathna says I’m about to tell you all the truth. Pratha asks him to trust Prathna. Rudra asks her to not involve in their natter. He takes Prathna to the room.

Prathna reveals to Rudra that his parents are traitors who joined with zain. Rudra asks Prathna to stop her lies as he knows about her. He shows her a video of how she strangled his mom. Prathna says he is misunderstanding her but he doesn’t believe her. Pratha asks Anmol why she is doing it. Anmol says Rudra wants to marry me and it’s not my mistake.

Rudra says to Prathna that he realized that she cheated on him and you don’t deserve his love and glad Tara aunty exposed him. Prathna says they are manipulating you. Pratha asks Anmol to not destroy Prathna’s life. Anmol says you’re the biological mother of Prathna that’s why taking her side, isn’t it? Pratha tries to say she is a misunderstanding but Anmol doesn’t listen to her.

Naagin 6 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Anmol says you lied to me but Urvashi’s aunt revealed the truth to me. Rudra says to Prathna that he did a mistake by loving her and tells her that he is ending their marriage by now itself as she is a traitor, not his parents. Prathna says you can’t break our marriage easily as we took 7 pheras.

Rudra says he has answers and takes her with him. Anmol tells Pratha that she can’t stop her engagement. Urvashi and Tara enjoy it. Rudra creates fire using curtains and wine. Prathna asks what’s he doing. He says it’s to end our marriage. He takes reverse pheras around the fire with Prathna and announces that their marriage is ended. Prathna gets shocked.