Naagin 6 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Anmol, Tara, Urvashi, and Rudra’s parents celebrating their success. Urvashi promises Siyali to make her get her rights. Rithwik comes to Anmol’s house in anger. Anmol’s friend informs Anmol that Rithwik is here. Anmol sends Siyali to manage Rithwik.

Siyali meets Rithwik and tells him that Anmol doesn’t like him. Rithwik doesn’t believe her. Rudra meets Anmol and tells her that he is going outside. Rithwik comes there and confronts Anmol and Rudra about why they are cheating on him.

Naagin 6 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Rudra stops him and tells him that they are engaged and warns him to leave. Rithwik sadly sees Siyali and leaves. Siyali follows him and tells him that he deserves a better girl. He asks her to come for a tea date tomorrow. Siyali says she can’t come out because of her grandma’s advice. Rithwik insists she comes. Prathna hears their conversation.

The next day, Urvashi and Pathali discuss Pratha and Prathna will definitely plan something against us so we need to be careful. They discuss Anmol’s Mehendi. Rithwik calls Siyali and tells her that he is waiting for her outside. Siyali goes to meet him without telling anyone. Urvashi asks Anmol to take Siyali help in preparation.

They notice Siyali is not at home. Anmol’s friends say she may go out with Rithwik. Urvashi notices Siyali leaving with Rithwik. That time another Rithwik comes there and asks where is Siyali. Urvashi thinks Naagin takes Siyali and goes out to save her granddaughter.

Rithwik stops the car in the isolated place and flirts with her. Urvashi comes there with Naagmani and tells him that she will expose his real identity using Naagmani. Siyali tries to stop her. Urvashi scolds her and says she bought this Naagmani out to save her. Urvashi places Naagmani on Rithwik’s head but he didn’t change. Urvashi realizes he is not Naagin.

She scolds her granddaughter, tells her to never come out, and tells him to come to their place if he wants to meet her. They leave. Pratha and Prathna confront Rithwik about why he helped them and ask who’s he. Rithwik says he has the same motive as them. Pratha asks what he meant. He takes them with him to show something. Urvashi returns home and scolds her granddaughter.

Patali notices Naagmani with Urvashi and slaps her for taking it out. Rithwik makes Pratha and Prathna meet his dad Rajesh Pratap Singh. Rajesh says my dad asked me to trust you always but you trusted Suhasini not my dad and our revenge and aim are the same. Pratha apologizes to Rajesh for not supporting him when he needs his help.

Urvashi says Pratha and Prathna can’t do anything as they didn’t know where we hid Rishabh. Patali says still, don’t take out Naagmani from this house. She leaves. Urvashi warns Siyali to not go out and permits her to call Rithwik to their house. Rithwik joins hands with Pratha and Prathna and tells them that their revenge is the same.

Naagin 6 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Suhasini asks Rithwik if he met his dad. He says she is his family. She asks him to forget Anmol and asks him to tell her if he likes anyone. He says he likes Siyali but her granny doesn’t like me. Urvashi comes there. Suhasini proposes for Rithwik and Siyali marriage.

Urvashi says they can think later and leaves. Suhasini thinks about how can Urvashi deny her proposal. Rithwik meets Pratha and Prathna. He tells them he is successful to make Suhasini against Urvashi and tells them to implement their plan.

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