Naagin 6 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Prathna and Gautham wishing the kids happy Christmas. Kids say Santa only grant the wishes of rich kids not them and they don’t have a place to stay. Prathna assures them they will return to their house on Monday. Sonia returns home and surprises her brothers Vinay and Raghu.

Prathna sees Santa is not well and she tells him she will go to the park to become Santa to get money. He agrees. Mehek tells Vinay and Raghu that they have to miss their sister once she gets married. She tells them she has chosen one alliance for her. Vinay says it’s good.

Naagin 6 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Sonia thinks Gautham is in her heart and she can’t marry others. Prathna goes to the park becomes Santa and gives gifts to kids. Raghu comes there with his team. Prathna collides with some ladies. They get angry and make Kids attack her with balls. Prathna goes aside and cries. Raghu sees Santa is crying and he goes to Santa and asks what’s her problem. Prathna removes her beard. She asks him what’s he doing in his coat.

Raghu lies to her that he came here to earn money. Prathna says she came here for the same purpose but this party is for rich people and it’s good if I will leave. Raghu says Santa can’t leave the party in the middle. He joins her as another Santa and they entertain the kids. Snakes come there. Everyone rushes from there. Prathna falls down.

One of the snakes attacks her. Prathna comes to her snake form and attacks the bad Naagins and kills them. One of the Naagin rushes to Mehek and informs her that some Naagin is attacking them in the park. Mehek rushes to Unnati maidan. Raghu leaves the kids at a safe place and searches for Prathna. Prathna leaves. Mehek sees her from back and catches her and locks Prathna with Naag Paash.

She tells Prathna that this Naag paash will make her weak so accept your defeat as you can’t win over me. Prathna falls unconscious. Mehek takes Prathna to her secret place and thinks to take money from her the next day. Mehek leaves the room. The person whom Mehek bought is changed into another Naagin. Raghu finds Prathna unconscious in the park. He makes her gain consciousness and takes her with him.

Helper of Takshak thinks she did for their Shesh Naagin and it’s shown she mislead Mehek by changing like Prathna. Prathna returns to the orphanage and gifts the kids. Kids feel happy. Gautham says she is doing so much for them. Prathna says she failed to get a good job. Gautham says it’s because of her headache and he is sure that she can get back to their house. He goes when kids call him.

Prathna thinks she falls unconscious today too and she searches the house where she falls unconscious. She finds it’s Naagmahal and decides to go to that place to get her answers. Mehek takes Seema to show Prathna. Seema sees another Naagin and tells Mehek that she misunderstood again and asks her to leave the Naagin. She asks Mehek to concentrate on business.

Prathna reaches to temple. She takes a saree and sees some women in front of her. She goes to her but she couldn’t see that lady who was Pratha. She disappears. Raghu sees Prathna’s hoarding. Prathna calls Raghu and tells him that they return home. She thanks him. Raghu tells he can’t come to meet them as his sister’s alliance is about to get fixed.

Prathna says she will come to congratulate his sister. Raghu says today she can’t meet them and disconnects the call. Sonia on call informs Gautham that she can’t meet him anymore as her alliance is about to get fixed. Raghu goes to her and talks to her. That time Mehek receives the groom’s family and makes them meet Sonia and Raghu. She tells them Arjun-Sonia and Raghu and Ananya pairs will be awesome.

Mehek asks Raghu to unveil his bridal collection. Raghu says Sonia will wear his bridal collection and he asks the servant to bring the poster. The servant brings the Prathna poster hidden with a veil. Sonia receives the call and she burns the poster by mistake. She goes aside and meets Gautham. Gautham asks her what’s happening. She says it’s her engagement. Gautham asks her to cancel it and assures her that he will earn more money.

Sonia says she can’t go against her brothers and asks him to leave. Gautham leaves. Mehek suspects it’s Prathna’s glimpse on the poster and asks Raghu about the girl on the poster. Raghu says it’s his friend and he doesn’t have other posters with him to show her. Arjun’s mother says they will see the jewelry collection when Sonia wears it in her marriage. Ananya tries to flirt with Raghu. Raghu feels uncomfortable.

Prathna sees the saree and thinks about Lady she saw. Kids come there and tell her that Gautham didn’t return home. Prathna goes to search for him. Gautham in a drunken state calls her and tells her that he doesn’t want to live. She tries to comfort him but he doesn’t listen and disconnects the call. Prathna learns his location by tracing his number.

Mehek tells Sonia that Takral will merge with them once Sonia and Raghu get married to Arjun and Ananya. Seema says it’s not easy to make Raghu agree. Mehek says she will make him agree so that the 2 jewelry firms get merged. Mrs. Takral comes there and tells her that she won’t leave if something goes happens with her daughter. Mehek says she will settle everything and takes care of her daughter’s happiness.

Naagin 6 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Vinay calls them for engagement. Sonia and Arjun get engaged. Ananya asks Raghu to show his diamond store to her. Mehek announces Pandit said tomorrow will be a good day for marriage otherwise there is no muhurta for the next 3 months. Raghu says it’s not good to rush into marriage. Mehek hypnotizes Vinay and makes him tell him the next day’s wedding is good. Raghu agrees.

Mehek tells Seema that she will get the property by making Vinay and others sign the papers. Seema advises her to search for Prathna to get Germs otherwise she can’t enjoy the assets. Prathna rushes to Gautham’s place. Gautham jumps from the building without listening to Prathna. Prathna rescues him by turning into her Naagin form.

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