Naagin 6 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Prathna thinking Rishabh and Rudra are selling the country to terrorists and I won’t leave them. On another side Rishabh thrashes goons and he leaves taking their truck. Pratha searches for Prathna. She feels worried for Rishabh’s safety. On the way, Rishabh stops the truck seeing someone on road. Rishabh goes to that person and notices it’s Prathna. He tells him they are searching for her.

Prathna confronts him about why he killed her father. Rishabh tells her he didn’t kill the professor but Prathna doesn’t listen to him. Prathna holds him with her tail. Later Pratha searches for Rishabh and Prathna. She notices Rishabh on road and goes to him. Rishabh opens his eyes and tells her that he loves her and will love her even after his death. He faints.

Naagin 6 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin 6 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Pratha says she won’t let him and due and takes him with her. Zain man informs Zain that the truck is reached their place and Rishabh has died in Prathna’s hand. Zain says it’s good to know the daughter killed her father. On another side, the Doctor checks Rishabh and tells Pratha and others that Rishabh is slipped into a coma.

Pratha cries and says Anmol can’t see him in this state. She asks where is Anmol. Chanda says she sent her to meet the alliance guy. The doctor tells Pratha that he will arrange the hospital arrangements for Rishabh at home. Pratha thanks him.

Friends video call Anmol and ask if she met the guy. Anmol tells them he didn’t come. Rithvik meets Anmol and he impresses her. He invites her to the Halloween party at their hotel. Anmol agrees. Later Anmol returns home and thanks Chanda for making her meet someone special. Chanda asks why she didn’t attend the calls. Anmol says she is busy. She goes upstairs to inform Rishabh about Rithvik.

She gets shocked seeing Rishabh’s state. Pratha tells her that Rishabh slips into a coma. Anmol feels bad for Rishabh’s state. She tells Pratha that she will get engaged to Rithvik tomorrow itself and this will cure dad. Pratha says they don’t know about Rithvik. Anmol asks her to come with him to the Halloween party to know him. Pratha says she can’t leave Rishabh alone. Chanda assures her she will take care of Rishabh.

Rudra notices so many missed calls from Prathna. He calls Prathna. Prathna calls him upstairs. He goes upstairs. Prathna surprises him by wearing his gifted saree and tells him that she too fell in love with him. He asks if can she fall in love. He says you’re a Naagin. Prathna realizes it’s her Mom. Pratha comes to her form. It’s shown Rudra promises Rishabh that he will finish their mission.

That time Pratha notices Prathna’s call and attends it. Pratha tells Prathna she did a mistake by attacking her dad. Prathna says she didn’t attack him but she will definitely kill him and Rudra. They attack each other. Prathna feels pain in her pain. Pratha says Naagmani will give pain when Takshak calls you. They go to meet Takshak. Takshak asks them to save their country by getting back treasure from Zain. Pratha tells him she can’t do it. He reminds her it’s her duty and tonight Zain is leaving the country so stop him before he leaves.

Prathna notices Rudra is struggling to stitch his shirt button. She helps him by stitching it. Rudra admires her. He receives calls and leaves urgently. On the way, Ranjeet stops Rudra and takes his phone saying his phone is not working. Ranjeet notices there is no info on Rudra’s phone.

He notices Rudra’s using another phone. Ranjeet asks if he has another phone. Rudra tells he can’t trust anyone. He leaves. Ranjeet calls Zain. Zain informs him about the Halloween party in the silver moonlight. He asks him to learn information from Rudra. Rudra on the call tells him he is coming to the Halloween party. Prathna decides to go to that party. Pratha tells her she is coming too.

At the Halloween party, Pratha attends a party like Kiara. Prathna enters the party in Shesh Naagin form. Rudra asks Naman to spy on everyone’s activities. He sees Pratha and Prathna. He asks what are they doing here. Anmol comes there and tells him she and her fiance invited them. Rudra says it’s good and he leaves telling Prathna she is looking cute.

Anmol feels uncomfortable. She makes Rithvik meets Pratha. Pratha asks won’t feel they are rushing for engagement. Rithvik says they are made for each other. Pratha agrees to perform their engagement grandly. Later Pratha in Kiara form scares Urvashi and Tara. Tara asks her to decide how she punishes her daughter for attacking Rishabh. Pratha says don’t worry about it as I know how to handle Prathna and one thing is sure that’s I will kill you guys.

Zain comes to the party and asks everyone to enjoy the party. Prathna tries to catch Zain but Pratha stops her in time. Anmol stares at Rudra. Rithvik notices it and comments on it. Anmol tells him there is nothing and goes aside. Naman meets Anmol and tells her that her previous idea of spiking Rudra’s drink is better than her current jealousy plan.

He asks her to reuse the spiking drink formula and gives her powder. Ranjeet and his wife smirk. Anmol goes to Rudra and tells him that her previous day’s behavior was because of a spiked drink. Rudra says it’s fine. Anmol calls him for one drink. She makes him drink a spiked drink and dances with him. Prathna follows Zain. Rudra also tries to follow Zain in his inebriated state but Anmol stops him.

Naagin 6 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update

She takes him aside and tries to kiss him. Naman notices it. He calls Ranjeet and tells him his work is done. Rudra pushes Anmol and warns her to stay away from him. Ranjeet tells Zain he can leave the country in a helicopter without any trouble. Zain asks them to share the remaining part of the treasure.

Rudra held Zain at gunpoint and asks him to return the diamond. It’s shown Rudra didn’t drink the spiked drink. Prathna notices everything. Ranjeet makes Rudra unconscious by hitting his head. Zain says Shesh Naagin removed Rishabh from our way and she doesn’t know that our men killed Professor. Prathna gets shocked.