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Naagin Season 6 26th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 26th June 2022 Written Episode Update
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Naagin Season 6 26th June 2022 Written Episode Update:  Naagin Season 6 The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the latest episode

Naagin Season 6 26th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update

First, 15 mins update will be added after finishing all the updates. Urvashi tells that Seema killed shakti for the world and then brought him here, and locked him in the room. Seema locks Shakti in the room and tells him that she loves him more than Rishabh. She says she will give him a chance to take revenge on Rishabh. Shakti gets angry.

Urvashi tells Reem that she then told this to Mahek and she used Shakti as Rishabh to handle Pratha. Reem says you are more dangerous than Seema. Urvashi asks her to stay away from Shakti as he is mad and doesn’t know whom he will kill in anger.

Rishabh is in his room and sees someone standing. He thinks who is she? She turns and looks at him. Music plays….. tere sang Pyaar main song plays……Pratha says Rishabh Ji, today is my birthday. Rishabh says I am so sorry, I had forgotten. She asks what you will do for me. He says I will show you what I can do for you. He takes the necklace in his hand and makes her wear it. She says so you remember my birthday. He nods yes. Song continues to play. It turns out to be Rishabh’s imagination.

He recalls Mahek telling him that Rehaan is innocent, Pratha had provoked Samaira against him, and the latter wanted to take back the case, but Pratha killed her. Rishabh recalls Seema’s death and thinks she did wrong with me, but I am thinking about her. Mahek comes there and asks about the guest. He says it is for his fiancé. Rishabh’s sisters are talking about Pratha’s birthday.

Rishabh says you shall not talk about her. Reem asks Urvashi if she understands why Pratha hates Rishabh but didn’t understand why Rishabh hates Pratha. Urvashi says I can’t tell you now, as the guests are here. Some guys like Rehaan if he is dating Tia. He says yes, she is pretty. Rishabh’s army friends tell him about someone who is betraying the country. Rishabh tells that he is not in the army anymore and doesn’t want to hear anything, his best wishes are with the country. He looks outside the window and senses something.


Rishabh asks Mahek to bring the jewelry which is to be given to Rajesh Pratap Singh’s fiancé. She says she will bring it. She brings the necklace and shows it to Urvashi. She says I am giving a necklace to Rajesh Pratap Singh’s fiancé. Urvashi says we will take back land from him. Mahek asks the guests to behave nicely with the important guests who are very important to Rishabh and her. Rishabh goes out and greets Rajesh Pratap and his sister.

He asks them to come inside. Rajesh says I don’t go alone anywhere. Rishabh turns to go inside when Rajesh’s fiancé gets down the car. He doesn’t see her. Rishabh comes inside and asks Mahek about the jewelry. Mahek says it is kept there. Rajesh’s sister walks in first. Urvashi and Mahek greet her. Then Rajesh enters and gives his hand to his fiancé. Pratha enters in a completely new modern look and holds his hand. Urvashi, Mahek, and others get shocked.

Pratha and Rajesh smile looking at each other. He enters holding her hand. Pratha recalls Mahek backstabbing her. Urvashi also recalls. Pratha looks at Rehaan and the other guys. Rishabh comes there and tells Rajesh that this is for him. Rajesh asks him to give the gift to his fiancé Kiara Sharma. Rishabh congrats her. She moves the stylish cap veil from her face. He gets stunned seeing her. Rajesh looks at him as he stares at Pratha. Rishabh recalls their moments. Rajesh asks why did you stop, give it?

Rishabh says many congratulations to you. He is about to give the necklace and it falls down. He bends down to pick it up. Kiara also bends down to pick it up. Rishabh’s hand touches hers and he feels the sparking touch. He recalls feeling the same thing. Rajesh tells that Kiara was pursuing education in London. He met her there and got engaged. He says he couldn’t live without her, who is a lucky charm to her. Kiara goes to Chanda and touches her feet, talks in a British accent, and says in India, elders’ feet are touched, right aunty. Chanda gets emotional.

Mahek says she can’t be Pratha. Urvashi says she is the same. Mahek says I have seen her dead body. Rehaan tells him that she is Pratha, and why she is acting to be her fiancé of Rajesh. Another guy says Pratha is dead. Tia asks if there is any tension. Pratha asks Rajesh why everyone moved back. Rishabh says have a seat.

He thinks she is Pratha, Rajesh must not have known about her and thinks if she came here for a plan, then I will make the counter plan. He asks do you need anything? She tells something. Rajesh says I will bring it. Rishabh’s sisters come there and say bhabhi. Pratha says girls are called bhabhi here. She asks if they are brothers and says hi.

Mahek searches about Kiara on the net and sees many photos and news. Urvashi says if she is Naagin then would have taken any avatar, now she is not shesh naagin. She asks Mahek if she is really shesh naagin. Mahek says if I was not Shesh Naagin then yeti wouldn’t have come behind me. She says we shall think about pratha later, and shall get the contract signed by Rishabh.

Pratha and Rajesh have a drink. Rishabh asks Rajesh to give them a contract. Rajesh says he will contract. Urvashi says we shall talk to him. Rehaan’s friend tells him that they want to flirt with the girl wearing a blue dress. The guys go to the girl and ask if she will come with them to the shooting location. She says she will come. Pratha looks at her.

They are in the car. The girl says the location seems to be far and says they shall go back. The guys tell her that she will become an actor. They stop the car. The guy Amit hugs her forcibly. She turns out to be Pratha and bites him. Amit tells his friend that she is a naagin. Pratha looks at him. He says you are here, where did that girl go? Pratha takes the girl’s avatar.

She recalls convincing the girl to go home and doubting the guys’ intentions. The girl goes home. Fb ends. Pratha says you fool many girls, bring them to Jungle promising to make them heroine. She takes the guy and swirls her tail around him. The guy says leave me. She hits the guy with her tail and becomes naagin fully.

Mahek talks to Rajesh and asks him about his old factory of salt, says it is now closed but the land is still there. She asks him to sell the land to her. He says I am in talks with your husband about that land. Mahek says his business is separate and asks him to sell the land to her. He says he will think and goes. Rajesh’s sister tells that she is his lawyer too and will talk about the land. She goes.

Rehaan says he will talk to her, being a lawyer himself. Urvashi asks him not to roam around Tia. She tells Mahek that two girls have already lost their lives for him and she doesn’t anything to happen to Tia. Pratha comes to Rajesh and says she is feeling bored, nobody is talking to her. Mahek comes to her and says you resemble my sister. Pratha doesn’t take her compliment.

She tells Rajesh that she is bored and feeling hot too. Urvashi says they have surprise and special arrangements for them. All the couples start dancing on the song Aap Hamari Jaan bangaye…..Pratha looks at Rishabh while dancing with Rajesh. Rishabh also looks at her. They recall their moment.

Rishabh says we shall talk about business. Pratha tells that she will not go home without Rajesh. Rajesh says we will talk about business later and now he wants to spend some time with his fiancé. Rishabh says ok. Urvashi asks Mahek to ask Rishabh to crack the deal. Mahek says Kiara is not letting Rajesh free, how to talk to him. Pratha and Rajesh leave.

Urvashi tells Reem and Mahek that she can’t believe what she saw. She searches for Kiara on the internet. Mahek says she is in London for 20 years. Pratha comes home with Rajesh. Jwala opens the door and calls her Pratha. Pratha asks Rajesh if Divya went home. He says yes.

He goes to the room with Pratha and Jwala and tells her that he has been acting to be her fiancé, just because Jwala, had many favors on him. He says I don’t know about you anything, just as your revenge completes, we will have our separate ways. Pratha says ofcourse, I don’t have any other way. He asks her to rest and goes. Pratha tells Jwala that Mahek must be searching for her.

Mahek looks at Pratha from outside the room. Mahek is seeing the photos. Rajesh comes there and romances Pratha. Pratha pretends to kiss him. Mahek thinks Pratha used to love just Rishabh, and couldn’t believe what she sees. She goes from there. The naagin who had taken Rajesh’s avatar greets Pratha and asks why did you make this face. Pratha says she wants to take revenge on everyone and make everyone scared and wants to take revenge for her child’s murder. She says my child’s first murderer will be my victim now.

Urvashi is taking food for Shakti. Reem tells that she likes Shakti a lot and he is more handsome than Rishabh. Urvashi asks if she had forgotten that he had attacked her, and says he is inhuman. Reem insists to like him and wishes to meet him. Urvashi asks did you like all the madmen. She asks her to come behind her.

Urvashi goes inside the locked room, to give food to Shakti. Reem goes behind her. Urvashi walks inside scared. Shakti stands up angrily and tries to walk towards them, but falls down due to the chain. Urvashi tells Reem that she had to chain him due to yesterday’s incident. Shakti says she had said that she will come. Urvashi asks Shakti to have food and says I am not your enemy. Shakti asks her to call her and says she had promised me. Reem asks Urvashi about whom she is talking about? Urvashi says Mahek.

Reem says how does he know her? Shakti gets up and holds Urvashi’s neck. He then holds Reem’s neck too. Urvashi says your mother Seema died. Shakti leaves them and asks what did you say. Urvashi says she died today. He says I love her a lot, she is my mother. He cries and says she is my mother, she has brought me up and can’t die. He asks who has killed her? He says how she can die in hospital. He says only she used to love him, he never got love from his father.

Reem asks Urvashi why she lied, as Seema’s aunt is still alive and is in a coma. Urvashi says she said this to distract him and says Mahek will not come here. She says Shakti will cry and will be silent for some time. Urvashi asks him to stop crying. He asks if she really died and says he really wanted her to die. Urvashi says you were crying sometime back. He holds her neck and tells her that she had locked him here for years, and didn’t throw Rishabh out of the house.

He says it is good that she died and says now that God will punish her for her sins. Urvashi says you are big…He says he is bad and tells that he is very happy that she died. He holds Urvashi’s hand and asks him to bring Mahek. Urvashi says she is Rishabh’s wife and asks him to give her respect. He says he will spend the wedding night with her. He says he didn’t see a beautiful girl since much time. Urvashi says she will call her. He asks if that old lady went to heaven or hell. Urvashi says hell. She goes. He laughs.

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