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Naga Bhairavi 10th June 2021 Written Update

Naga Bhairavi 10th June 2021 Written Update

Naga Bhairavi 10th June 2021 Written Update

Naga Bhairavi 10th June 2021 Written Update

Naga Bhairavi UThe serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Arjun ties Mangalsutra to Bhairavi. Punnaga leaves happily from Mandap. Bhairavi and Arjun exchanges the garlands. Aditya and Kaushalya performs Kanyadanam. Next Arjun and Bhairavi takes 7pheras. Phanidra wakesup suddenly reminscing how Arjun stoled Nagamani from temple than he calls Nagini. Nagini leaves from Mandap hearing Phanidra calls.

Nagaguruvu feels happy seeing Phanidra and he asks Phanidra to talk but Phanidra stands like idol. Nagaguruvu checks Phanidra state. Nagini happily hugs Phanidra and asks him to talk with her but he won’t respond to her. Nagini asks Nagaguruvu why her Phanidra is not responding. Nagaguruvu says Phanidra is still in deep sleep and couldn’t comeout from his state. Nagini says he is standing Infront of us than why you’re telling he is in deep sleep. Nagaguruvu says he is here in soul form because he wants to take revenge and now you have chance to find who stole Mani and who hurted Phanidra plus you can save Phanidra by fulfilling his revenge by killing the person who’s responsible for Phanidra state.

Nagini makes him sit and asks who’s responsible for his state than she notices what happened that day in Phanidra eyes and gets to know Arjun is responsible for everything. Phanidra fell asleep. Nagini gets worried. Nagaguruvu says he went to deep sleep again and don’t forget that you have to kill the person who’s responsible for Phanidra state to get him back. Nagini thinks until now I never doubted Arjun thinking he is good but finally it’s revealed that he is not that good so I will definitely kill him because he don’t deserve to live.

Jalaja scolds her husband for not stopping the Marriage. Peddireddy too mocks Veerabhadram state. Bhairavi and Arjun takes everyone’s blessings. Shakuntala asks them to take Veerabhadram and Jalaja blessings, they takes their blessings too. Jalaja curses them. Nagamma reaches to Mandap to kill Arjun. Arjun and Bhairavi and others folds their hands seeing Nagamma. Bhairavi says first I want to take your blessings but where you went Nagamma. Arjun too asks Nagamma to bless them. Nagamma tells to Arjun that she came to kill him not to give her blessings. Everyone gets shocked. Bhairavi asks whats she saying. Nagamma says just now I found that Arjun is the one who hurted my Bava and stoled the Mani from temple so he deserves death as his punishment. Bhairavi stops Nagamma and questions how can she make her widow after giving blessings.

Episode ends.

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