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Naga Bhairavi 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update

नागा भैरवी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: आदित्य के प्रवेश के साथ भैरवी विवाह रुक जाता है
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Naga Bhairavi 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Naga Bhairavi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Kaushalya appreciating Malli and saying that she knows about Malli being the most desperate to make the wedding night happen. Malli glares at her. Kaushalya asks her as to why she is glaring and later says that she knows shr is glaring to hide her tiredness. Malli smiles.

Shakuntala is talking on the phone when Annapurna comes there with plate with sacred rice and prasad. She calls everyone into the hall and distributes the prasad. She tells them that she has done the Pooja wishing for God’s blessings to make the wedding night happen. She scatters rice all over the hall. They ask her as to why she is doing it to which she says Shivudu has asked her to do this and this way they can keep Nagamma away. Veerabhadram thunks that she will Kill him for sure.

Nagamma shifts back to Malli and isn’t able to shift back into Nagamma form. Her attempts to tranform fails. She goes ti other entrance and transforms but she tries to enter inside, she isn’t able to and shifts back to Malli. Her several attempts to shift back fails. Malli deciding to ruin the wedding night anyway enters inside the house and goes to the room, wedding night is supposed to happen and removes the bolts. Kaushalya asks her as to what she us doing in the room even after the room was already decorated after seeing her coming outside. Malli covers it up and Kaushalya believes it. Veerabhadram asks her as to why she is not killing him and taunts her whether she isn’t able to kill. Nagamma glares at him angrily and warns him before leaving.

Shakuntala and Annapurna greet adhitya who came back from the hearing. They see Arjun coming wearing white lungi and shirt. They bless him while Veerabhadram is hiding behind the wall and thinking that Nagamma will kill him anyway and he will make his son marry her. Arjun enters into the room and sits on the bed.

Bhairavi comes with ladies all groomed up. Aditya looks at ger awkwardly. She takes blessings from the elders. Annapurna asks Malli to bring the milk and she goes to bring it and tries to poison the milk but fails to do so. She gives the milk glass to Bhairavi and Bhairavi taking the glass is about to enter the room but Adithya stops her. He says that last time something unexpected happened in this room hence they should arrange it in another room. Malli gets shocked hearing it. Adhitya asks ten minutes and goes to get the room ready. The Screen Freezes On Bhairavi.

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