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Naga Bhairavi 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

नागा भैरवी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: आदित्य के प्रवेश के साथ भैरवी विवाह रुक जाता है
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Naga Bhairavi 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Naga Bhairavi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode starts with Maya ( Nagini) asks Arjun to marry her and tells him that she will become human once he marries her. Arjun tells her he won’t marry anyone except Bhairavi. Maya tells him she won’t release Bhairavi from her clutches until he marries her and she gets Mangalsutra with her power and asks him to marry her. Arjun denies. Maya threatens to kill Annapurna first if he fails to fulfill her wish. Annapurna slowly lost her balance. Everyone supports her. Shivayya questions Maya how can she harm them Infront of him and he about to help them but Maya stops him by keeping oath on Katruva devi. Shivayya tells her she is doing Injustice. Maya says it’s war of love so it’s important for me to win.

Nagamma reaches to farmhouse. Maya asks Arjun to tie Mangalsutra to her. Arjun denies. Maya gets mad and about to harm them but Nagamma stops her and tells her that she is doing wrong. Maya asks is it wrong to marry the person I love? Nagamma says I have my blessings to their Marriage so it’s not justice for you to break it, won’t you know it’s wrong. Maya says I know you will stop me saying these things that’s why I captivated you. Nagamma says I’m on good side that’s why Katruva maa released me from your clutches. Maya gets shocked and she warns Nagamma to leave from that place. Nagamma says I came here to fulfill my promise so leave from here. Maya questions what will she do if she won’t go. Nagamma says she will fight with her. Maya invites her for fight. Shivayya says you’re doing wrong Maya that’s why your Mom gave her blessings to Arjun’s family so leave them respecting your Mom. Maya says her desire is from 7births and she tells him that she will fulfill her dream in this birth by marrying Arjun and noone can stop me from doing it.

Shivayya says your daughter is not understanding her wrong doings that’s why I’m punishing her Katruva maa and he locks Maya in glass bottle with his power. Everyone feels relaxed. Shivayya cures Peddireddy condition too. Arjun asks Shivayya how to know about his Bhairavi whereabouts. Nagamma says Bhairavi is here. Everyone searches her. Aditya asks where is his sister. Nagamma says Maya changed your sister like Doll and that doll is your sister. Everyone gets shocked seeing the doll. Arjun takes that doll in his hands and gets tensed. Nagamma says don’t feel tensed, after sometime Bhairavi came to her original form until than keep this doll in your Pooja room and Arjun can marry Bhairavi according to their marriage Muhurta. Everyone folds their hands and thanks Nagamma.

Nagaguruvu thinks how to save Nagini and Phanidra and he feels clueless. That time Nagini reaches to that place. Nagaguruvu feels happy seeing her and questions who captivated her. Nagini informs him how Maya Kidnapped her to marry Arjun and tells how Shivayya locked Maya in glass jar. Nagaguruvu asks how she got released from Maya. Nagini says previously I served Yogi and that time he gave me a boon than I can break any Bandam and I remembered it which helped to release from Maya clutches. Nagaguruvu says helping others will always save us.

Episode ends.

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