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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update

नाम इरुवर नमक इरुवर 13 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: मय विवाह को रोकने में विफल।
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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Vadivu notices Kathi is following Vadivu in his bike. She fears that Kathi finds out the truth that’s why he is following her. Vadivu asks the auto driver to stop the auto and gets down from it. Vadivu pretends like asking address Kathi notices it and informs to Gayathri. Vadivu gets inside auto and leaves from there. Kathi misses to caught the auto. Nachiyar is reading the book Vadivu eats there.

Mayan comes there and sits opposite to her. He enquires to Lakshmi Is everyone eat? She nods to him. He asks about Aishu. Lakshmi informs to her she didn’t eat it yet. Vadivu fears to get caught. Lakshmi informs to him that Aishu is not in house. He questions Saranya where is Aishu? She informs to him that she went to temple yesterday. Mayan questions Vadivu which temple? Vadivu tells him that husband and wife went to temple who is he to questions it? Mayan tells her Aishu is his sister. He has all rights to question them. She might answer to him.

Chidambaram questions Mayan why is he creating problems here? He informs to him that Aishu is missing why don’t she answer to him if he ask about her? Chidambaram scolds her why don’t she answer to his question? Vadivu says to him that parents only has rights to ask this.

Mayan complaints that Nachiyar is not talking with Aishu in anger they are using this situation and torturing Aishu. He tells her that he know everything so he won’t stay quiet like others he demands Vadivu to answer his questions. Mayan enquires to them one by one Is they see Aishu leaving the house? Everyone tells him they didn’t see. Mayan says that none saw them so tell him which temple?

Vadivu mentions Thiruchenthoor Temple. Mayan says to Vadivu warns her that he is going to temple he wanna finds them there or else Aishu should call him in evening. If anything goes wrong then he can’t guarantee anything. Mayan threatens her if anything happen to Aishu then he will kill everyone here. Vadivu reaches to hospital and enquires to Muthuraj about Aishu? He informs to her that she is doing good.

Vadivu complaints that Aishu didn’t wake up yet then how could he tell she is fine. Muthuraj informs to her that there is a chance Aishu to slips into comma. He assures to her nothing will happen like that. If she don’t open her eyes then they will be in trouble. Vadivu alerts Muthuraj about Mayan warning. Muthuraj tells her if something goes wrong then he will throw her out and lie to all Aishu went missing. Muthuraj asks Vadivu to pay the bill and leaves to take breakfast.

Maha comes to hospital she notices Muthuraj there and doubts what’s he doing here? Maha notices Vadivu there and hides to watch her. Vadivu pays the bill. Maha doubts what’s going on here? She opens the room and finds Aishu in unconscious state there. Nurse comes there and stops Maha from going inside.

Maha thinks what happened to Aishu? She dials to Mayan and enquires him where is he? He informs to him that he is going for a important work. Maha asks Mayan to visit hospital soon. He demands to answer him but she asks him rush up. Maha notices Vadivu and hides from there. Even Vadivu notices Maha and fears do her caught. Mayan comes there and questions Maha what happened?

She informs to him that she saw Aishu in hospital. They admitted Aishu here. Mayan thinks that he expected something would end up like this. Maha stares to Mayan that Aishu’s head is injured it seems. Mayan questions her doesn’t she slapped Vadivu after seeing her? Maha says that she has no idea about it that’s why. Maha advises him to don’t get angry let’s talk with them calmly.

When they checks there Aishu is not there. They enquires to nurse but she didn’t answer to them properly and asks him to enquire the doctor. Mayan says to her he will deal with it. Mayan enquires her why is she here? Maha lies to him she is alright, she came here to buy medicine for Rathinavelu.

Episode end.

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