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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update

नाम इरुवर नमक इरुवर 13 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: मय विवाह को रोकने में विफल।
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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Mayan gets shock to find the gun missing inside the brief case. Both Maha and Mayan complaints each other for the gun missing . Mayan decided to place it back and finds whom stoled it? Mayan enters into the house and notices where is Nachiyar? Nachiyar is working in kitchen Mayan thinks it’s good time and sneaks inside her room to place it back there. He sits there Nachiyar places food on dining table. Mayan asks Nachiyar to share with him if she is hiding anything. Rajarathinam gave all responsibility to him.

First he don’t understand anything but he understood now he wishes to see Mayan doing everything to them in his place. Nachiya questions him what’s he saying she don’t understand him at all. Mayan says that he know well that mom is mystery in this world they will do anything to save their kids. Mayan tells her clearly that everyone in this house wishes to solve Aishu problem. Muthuraj problem didn’t solved this problem but someone ended it. He wanna know who is it?

Nachiyar questions him the same? As a brother he will do everything good for his sister? What did he done? Mayan questions her why is she questioning him back like this? Doesn’t she took gun from locker he knew well about it. Nachiyar informs to him that he took that to save his daughter’s life but he didn’t get the chance to open it. Its safe inside it. Mayan thinks that Nachiyar has no idea it went missing at all.

Saranya invites Vadivu to eat lunch. Vadivu lashes out at Saranya and insults her. Nachiyar invites her too. Vadivu says that she failed to advise her daughter to live with her son instead she gave complaint on Muthuraj. She says to her she lost her respect on her. Saranya says that Muthuraj done mistakes too. Vadivu questions her what did he done wrong? He stoled the jewels on marriage day. They worked hard for this family. It’s not wrong to taking little. If she thinks then she can take all these properties. Vadivu insults Kathi for eating there. Vadivu shouts on Aishu to bring coffee there. She stays there in silent.

Vadivu order her to bring coffee to her reasoning she is wife of Muthuraj still. Vadivu questions Kathi where is her son? He complaints that she hidden him and blaming others. Vadivu notices nuptial chain is missing in Aishu’s neck. Aishu lies to her that she removed it. Vadivu scolds her for removing it. Saranya lies to her its broken. Vadivu demands her to show the nuptial chain to her. Aishu reveals the truth to her but Vadivu is not believing her at all.

Vadivu says that Muthuraj died that’s why she removed her nuptial chain. Vadivu blames Aishu and questions her where is nuptial chain. Vadivu raises her hand on Aishu but Saranya stops her. Saranya informs to her that they are ready to throw the nuptial chain on Muthuraj after that there is no connection between them. Vadivu asks them to return Muthuraj to him. Vadivu warns them that she gonna complaint against them on police station. Kathi blinks. Aishu notices DCP Karthick comes there. Aishu informs it to all.

Karthick looks around. Saranya questions him why is here who is he? Karthick informs to them that everyone knew well why he is here? Karthick informs to them that there is more political pressure in this case. Vadivu complaint that this family ia behind Muthuraj’s missing. Karthick informs to them that Muthuraj is a fraud, pervert, domestic violence and thief too. If he enquires to family then he will get an answer to this question. Except Mayan and Kathi none looks like criminal here. Nachiyar says to him they don’t know anything about him. Saranya says that he done a mistake so he hide someone where else after get caught. Karthick asks Aishu to tell the truth.

Episode end.

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