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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update

नाम इरुवर नमक इरुवर 13 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: मय विवाह को रोकने में विफल।
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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Maha requests Doctor to hide her pregnancy truth from her parents. Doctor question Maha doesn’t it a good news what’s the need to hide it? Maha pleads with her to hide it so she agrees to do it and leaves from there. Maha dials to Mayan. Mayan gets surprise to see Maha calling him. Kathi questions him who is it? Mayan says to him its Maha. He attends the call Maha cries in phone and asks Mayan to meet her out. She shares an address to him and questions him will he come to meet her? Mayan assures to her he will definitely come there to meet her.

Gayathri and Kathi asks Mayan to meet Maha and solve all the issues. Maha reaches to the place in auto Mayan already waiting for her there. Maha starts beating Mayan and questions him why did he done like this? She hugs him emotionally. Mayan tries to console her.

Maha asks him to leave from there. Mayan questions him doesn’t she asked him to come and meet her? She says to him she said like that now she is asking him to leave. He about to go she stops him and questions him why did he signed in divorce papers? Mayan says to her he signed in it after Maha did. Maha complaints to him that she signed in it without option. Why shouldn’t he refuses to sign in it throwing the papers away? He didn’t show the concern in her marriage day to her father now what’s the need to listen him? Neither he didn’t allow her to marry anyone nor he married her genuinely. Maha complaints he is man he has no tension it’s she whom suffering alone. Mayan makes Maha sit there.

Mayan questions Maha what happened to her? She is talking different after signed in the divorce paper. Something happened after that incident what was that? Maha hesitates to say him. Mayan asks Maha to talk with him staring his eyes. Maha complaints that she was away from him he was the one changed her mind and made her fall for him.

Mayan says to her that he done everything for her happiness. He has no idea uncle will go to this extreme. If he has grand child then he shouldn’t have take this decision. Maha questions him Really? Mayan says to her that he don’t separate them at least for their baby. Maha hugs Mayan and shares to him that she is scared. Maha adds that she is everything for Rathinavelu. Mayan says to her that she is everything to him too. Maha asks Mayan to send his picture to her daily. She thinks that she can’t able to share this good news to him why did he done like this. Mayan says to her that she is trying to say something but hesitating.

Gayathri comes to Nachiyar room and asks her to listen her little. Nachiyar questions her why is she here? Gayathri says to Nachiyar she is not staying in this house for Mayan and her rights instead she is here to see her daily. It’s the truth. She may pretend like angry on Aishu but she is crying for Aishu in room. She adds that Nachiyar may cried for her to if she married to Muthuraj. She was angry on her unaware of the truth why is she still angry on her after learn about Muthuraj. Nachiyar questions her what did she need? She married to her wish and her brother is here to fulfill everything for her.

Is she needs jewels or money. Gayathri says to Nachiyar that Mayan suffering a lot after Maha’s separation. Nachiyar says that he cheated her that’s why he is suffering. Gayathri says that Maha may came here without loving Mayan but Mayan is in her heart when she left from here. Only Nachiyar can able to unite Maha with Mayan. She used to complain that Mayan didn’t accept her as mom. It’s a good chance to her to rectify her mistakes. She adds if her dad is alive then he would have talked with Maha parents and unite them. Gayathri pleads with Nachiyar explaining both Maha and Mayan side to her. Gayathri asks her to stop minding her she can wait for her forgiveness but help her brother thinking him as her own son and leaves from there.

Nachiyar visits Parvathy house and informs to her that she called to her but none attend the call. Nachiyar complaints to them that they took Maha here she can’t able to sit in house without seeing her. Patvathy asks her to don’t bring her past here. Nachiyar assures to her that Maha’s happiness is matter to her. Maha hugs Nachiyar and takes her to her room. Nachiyar enquires Maha. She informs to her that she knew well Maha don’t like Mayan first but she started like him now.

Episode end..

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