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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

नाम इरुवर नमक इरुवर 13 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: मय विवाह को रोकने में विफल।
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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Aishu says to Saranya that she is her sibling she has no one to ask other then her. Saranya says to Aishu that she know well that Aishu is not happy in this life. They know well that Muthuraj won’t keep her happy that’s why they tried to stop her from marrying him. Saranya says to her that she cares for her always and gives money to her. Aishu deny it. Saranya asks her to hide this from all. If this money can solve this problem then she is ready to give money.

Money is not a matter to her.If she needs anything just ask to her openly. It’s common do do mistakes in life. If she done any mistake there is no need to hang with that mistake just try to get out of that thing soon. Don’t think she has no one in this life she is here for her. Aishu asks her to don’t misunderstand her. Aishu hugs Saranya. Kathi comes near Mayan and questions him why is he sitting here and thinking?

Mayan informs to Kathi that he is thinking about Maha. He is seeing Maha everywhere even in dreams too. Kathi asks to him Is he still sober. Mayan says even he sees Maha standing in front door. Kathi complaints even he can see her standing there. Mayan questions him how could he see her? Kathi says he can see her standing there wearing yellow sarie. Mayan comments he is his best friend so he can able to understand his pain too. Maha enters in and sits beside them. Mayan and Kathi thinks it’s a dream. Maha throws pillow on them. Mayan pinches her to check whether he is dreaming or not? Maha stares beats him and questions him Is he comparing reel and real. Mayan questions her how did her father allowed her to go here?

Maha informs to him that Nachiyar asked her to come here. Nachiyar comes there and questions her why did she went to her father house after her father called her? Who will take care of this company? Nachiyar asks her to come here daily and work in company Mayan deny it reasoning why should she work here? Nachiyar asked her Who will take care of this company? Mayan again deny it Maha stops him. Nachiyar leaves from there.

Maha complaints to him that Nachiyar trying to unite them that’s why she asked Maha to come here daily. Mayan and Kathi understand it now. Nachiyar brings coffee to her and asks her to work after drinking it. Mayan says to Maha he will help her to drop in their room. Kathi teases them and leaves from there. Maha snatches the file from him and leaves to their room Mayan follows her.

Parvathy comes near her husband and questions him what’s bothering him? She advises him to stop worrying. Rathinavelu feels guilty for ruining Maha life. Parvathy asks him to leave this topic. He questions her why did she didn’t informed to him anything. Parvathy says to him if she is far from him then everything will be alright. Rathinavelu says they already applied for divorce. He never thought Mayan will betray him like this. Maha is vomiting there.

Rathinavelu and Parenting goes near her and enquires her what happened to her? Maha says to her may food poison. Parvathy complaints she is a picky eater. Rathinavelu asks Parvathy to stop scolding her. Parvathy asks Maha to check up with doctor. Maha deny it. Parvathy forces her to go to hospital. Maha says to her she will check up with doctor. Maha again vomit there. Parvathy doubts Maha behaviours.

Doctor advises to Maha she gets shock to see Parvathy there. She slaps Maha in anger. She complaints that she hates Mayan a lot but she is carrying Mayan baby. She cheated her. Parvathy lashes out at Maha. Maha supports Mayan. Parvathy says to her that her dad won’t forgive her if he learn this truth. Parvathy says to her she is not happy with her pregnancy. She asks her to abort this baby. Parvathy says that this baby will ruin her life.

Episode end.

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