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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update

नाम इरुवर नमक इरुवर 13 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: मय विवाह को रोकने में विफल।
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Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Vadivu advises to Muthuraj let’s admit Aishu in hospital secretly. Aishu wanna regret for marrying Muthuraj. Muthuraj carries her in arms and goes out without anyone knowledge. Vadivu and Muthuraj admits Aishu in hospital. He lies to the doctor she slipped inside the bathroom and hurts her head. Vadivu blames him as murdered and thinks they are over if anyone comes to know this. Muthuraj asks her to stop repeating this nothing will happen to her.

Vadivu says to him that they bring her here without anyone knowledge if anything goes wrong then what will they do? Muthuraj asks him to let him think about it. Doctor comes there and asks him to confess the truth. Vadivu lies to him that she slipped in bathroom. Doctor says to him that glass pieces are inside her head if she died then it will turns out to be a murder. He asks him to give a compliant first and he will continue the treatment. Muthuraj and Vadivu lies to him and tries to convince him.

Muthuraj offers money to him. Muthuraj says to him that his two family are in wrong terms. If they comes to know it then they will separate them. He pleads with Doctor. Doctor clearly warns him that if anything goes wrong then he will definitely complaint to police.

Vadivu says to Muthuraj let’s inform this news to Everyone. Muthuraj says everyone will finish them. Let’s her cure well first. Vadivu questions him what if she mentioned his name here? He asks her to be quiet first. Muthuraj asks her to go and sleep in home. Vadivu questions him what will she answer to everyone about Aishu? Muthuraj asks her to manage the situation in home he will take care here. She leaves from there.

Nachiyar is lost in her thoughts Chidambaram comes there and start a conversation with her. Chidambaram says to her that she is not asking anything to him but he is also pretending like nothing happened here. He adds that he don’t know why did she refused to give Aishu hands to Muthuraj but he know he is not a suitable person to Aishu he understood it later. They married secretly he hope they will solve their problem and live happily. If he do anything wrong with her then he won’t leave him. Both Muthuraj and Aishu are same to him.

Gayathri tries to call Aishu from Kathi phone too. Kathi questions her why is she fearing like this doesn’t Vadivu informed to her she went to temple? Gayathri informs to him Vadivu stammers while saying it that’s why she doubts something wrong happened.

Lakshmi comes there and informs to Gayathri that she wanna share something to her but don’t know how will she take it. She informs to her that she went to clean Mithuraj room morning but Vadivu stops her but now she asked her why didn’t she cleaned the room? Kathi asks to her Is she cleaned? When she cleaned the room she found the broken bottle pieces and blood. Gayathri gets shock to hear it. When she enquires her about it she said to her that Muthuraj leg hurted and gives money to her to hide this from all. She is feeling something suspicious. Gayathri asks him to let’s talk with Vadivu about it. Kathi informs to her she won’t answer to her let’s deal it different.

Chidambaram questions Vadivu where is she going? She informs to him that she is leaving out. Chidambaram enquires her where is Muthuraj? She lies that he is in room. He asks her to call Aishu. She lies to him that they went to temple.

Chidambaram questions her Muthuraj used to never visit temple then how did he go there? She asks to him why is he suspecting him? Nachiyar questions her when did they went? Vadivu lies as night and changes it as early morning.

Chidambaram questions her why is she blabbering like this. He calls to Aishu but she is not attending the call. Mithuraj attend the call and lied to him that Aishu is taking bath and cuts the call.

Chidambaram says to Vadivu strictly that Muthuraj wanna reach back today at any cost. Vadivu manages the situation and leaves from there. Kathi follows her secretly. Vadivu narrates everything to Muthuraj on the way

Episode end.

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