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Namak Issk Ka 13th August 2021 Written Update: Kahani tells truth to Yug

Namak Issk Ka 13th August 2021 Written Update: Kahani tells truth to Yug
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Namak Issk Ka 13th August 2021 Written Update: Kahani tells truth to Yug

Namak Issk Ka 13th August 2021 Written Update

Namak Issk Ka Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Namak Issk Ka 13th August 2021 Written Update…

The doctor telling Kahani will have to go to the hospital. Rupa tells what is the need to put the child’s life in danger. The doctor tells yes the procedure is dangerous and there is a chance for miscarriage. Iravati thinks of killing Kahani in the hospital. Yug tells Kahani she has to do this test if she wants to prove her truth. Kahani tells she won’t do the test as her child would be at risk. Kahani tells why does it matter if she does the test or not? Kahani tells him she is sure that she is her mother and she doesn’t have to prove anything.

Kahani tells if anyone tried to force her for the test she will send them all to prison. Yug thinks why is Kahani doing all this. Raunak tells he is doubting if she is really Kahani. Iravati tells her she is Kahani but she is flying a lot and we need to put her in the cage.

Satya asks Kahani if she is okay? Kahani tells Yug’s love kept her alive. Yug tells Kahani enough of riddles now he wants to know the entire truth. Kahani asks him what does he know about his father? Kahani tells Yug that Iravati was a dancer and Ravikant was about to leave his family for her but your father prevented him from doing so.

Namak Issk Ka 13th August 2021 Written Update

Kahani tells when your father saved his friend’s family why would he leave his family? Kahani tells she found Iravati’s old photograph and Ravikant’s letter. Kahani tells him about Bheesan Singh and tells him how Iravati captured her and sent her to the basement. Kahani tells Iravati is a witch and her family got ruined because of her. Yug asks her if she knows where is his father? Kahani tells she doesn’t know but she knows Iravati definitely had hand in his disappearance.

Kahani tells you your father was a good man and the only Ravikant can tell us the truth. Yug asks but why is Ravikant silent? Satya tells if both of us go in front of him Ravikant will tell the truth to everyone. Kahani tells Satya’s idea is very good. Yug comes out of his room and Iravati sends Raunak to make Kahani unconscious. Yug gives the doctor a DNA sample of Kahani and Satya and asks him to send the reports to him soon. Yug thinks his mother is living in darkness given by her husband but it will be over soon.

Raunak and Gunjan abduct Kahani and ties her to bed. Iravati makes Yug unconscious and tells Kahani now she will kill her with her child. Kahani begs Gunjan and Raunak to let her go. Iravati tells the doctor to finish their job well. Yug comes to his room and asks Rupa where is Kahani? Rupa tells him she might be in the washroom but Yug gets worried when he doesn’t find her there. The doctor tells the nurse to take Raunak and Gunjan out. The episode ends with the Satya removing her mask and asking how was acting? Namak Issk Ka 13th August 2021 Written Update.

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  • […] Sia says she has undergone liposuction, that’s why the fluid got accumulated in her thighs. She sends the family out. She asks Preeto to tell her the truth. She asks did the family forced you for lipo. Preeto says no. […]

  • […] I misunderstood things. Sudha says you confused everyone. There was so much drama in the reception. Do you even realize? What will their family think of us? Devraj says it’s okay. I don’t care about people. […]

  • […] begging me. You withdrew your rights long ago but you must return me my place if you want my help. Virender says it was a mistake to request a selfish person like you for help. A woman like you cannot give anyone even an inch of happiness. He begins to leave when Sakshi […]

  • […] says yes, and says my career hasn’t started. Sargam says we will marry when your career started. Anchun comes there and holds Rohit’s hand. He asks him to tell the truth to Sargam. Rohit says you want me to lie to her. Sargam says I know […]

  • […] Deepika says you know what will happen now, our hospital is questioned, Jamshed is doubting me. He says I will tell him the truth. She says I don’t […]

  • […] they are together. He recalls Lakshmi’s words that they got blessed to stay together always. He thinks to tell the truth to Lakshmi, and thinks she loves me a lot and I….He thinks until when I will lie to her. He thinks to tell […]

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  • […] her phone and says fine, I will tell the truth to the police. Ram and Priya are outside the hotel. They thank each other. He says I want to talk to you. She asks him to say. The man comes and says Shubham called for you, […]

  • […] be fine, you just take care of yourself and shop, and once your policy gets hit all will be fine. Genda says I hope so and we also have to work on Maharaji’s Chatra, Varun says I know you can handle it and thinks once you settle down I will tell you and everyone […]

  • […] killed someone or stolen something my reputation nit be ruined that much but you eve-tease women. Vibhu says it’s because of a medical condition. Anu says if it’s right then why didn’t he tell truth. Vibhu says I confess to him why are you […]

  • […] pregnant Shruti and thinks if he will tell truth. Virat says some work tension and nothing else. Sai shouts at Shruti to speak, why she calls her husband repeatedly. Virat and the whole family notice her, and Virat asks her to […]

  • […] says stay away from her. She says I know, she is mad and ill-mannered, I will handle her. He worries. Amrita says don’t come in my way again. He calls again. She says I […]

  • […] to find Devraj to tell him the truth, while everyone looks at her as she comes out of her room. She asks about the matter, to which Ugra blames her for meeting someone secretly. She shows the photos of Krisha clicked […]

  • […] Ji goes. Pritam says you shouldn’t meet that woman, she is dangerous. She says I collided with her. He asks what did she say. She says that Pritam is a […]

  • […] party. Prachi looks at her. Shahana is on a call with Ranbir, and he asks her to come to his room. Shahana goes to his room and asks what do you want to tell me, tell the truth. Ranbir says one second and asks her to get inside. […]

  • […] when you had the chance. She says time hadn’t come, the right time will come for it. She goes. He says she is right, her right time will come. Amba says we have to do something before she does it. He says I have […]

  • […] are fake Payal. Mini says I will tell your truth. Kamini says fine, they will get upset and then I will convince them, think about yourself, go from here. Mini says please don’t take me, I won’t tell anyone, I […]

  • […] gets rude and goes. Dhara asks Raavi to stop. She asks did anything happen to you. Raavi goes. Dhara asks Shiva to tell her the truth. He says I will see, you go. He goes upstairs. Raavi sees the beautiful decorations. Shiva comes. […]

  • […] a mother and asks Kanak if she is telling truth. Kanak acts shy. Rasika continues praising Kanak. Hema asks how did she agree to become a mother when she is obsessed with her figure. Kanak, she couldn’t see the family’s sad face hence thought of […]

  • […] poison, Kalyani has gone to his house, maybe to give condolence to his wife. Jagabandhu asks alone. The man says yes. Kalyani comes. Jagabandhu says I know from where you are coming, I will help you, but tell me the […]

  • […] drama Sameer tells Kajol, you are fine. Kajol asks, how did you get my mother’s number and all? Sameer looks at Anurag. Anurag signs him not to tell the truth. Sameer says, Aashram people filed a missing complaint about […]

  • […] when we have become strangers that I can’t tell my feelings to you, and asks her to tell truth, and says you don’t want to talk to me for whatever happened 24 hours before. Suhani says yes, and tells that it is my dream to become a doctor and tells that her family can’t […]

  • […] says bye and hugs Sagar. Sudha sees her hugging Sagar, but doesn’t see his face. Preeti asks him to run. Sudha asks whom you were romancing on the road. […]

  • […] way. Diya says I’ve to stand for myself. I won’t give up. I have to fight for Arjun and baba. I have to tell Arjun the truth but have to do something with Niharika. Niharika asks Depika is my juice ready? She says yes it’s in the fridge. Niharika says I will […]

  • […] says I will get free of Kalyani and then kill Baxi Jagabandhu, I will become Baxi, Kalyani didn’t get any happiness here, Fletcher will be waiting for her now. […]

  • […] She says where is Saksham? Priya hides with him behind the table. Gopika looks around for Saksham. She says why can’t I see him? Priya says go fast. Keshap comes to the room with the plate. Nikhila is following him. She says […]

  • […] me. Jaya says he will tell you the truth. Thapki says no need. Jaya asks her to talk to him once. Thapki says he will tell that you have forced him. Jaya asks her to talk to him once. Thapki says don’t say anything now and […]

  • […] the truth. Milind says yes, she is right. Kamini thinks I will be punished if Hira tells the truth. She says Hira won’t confess the truth, she is a big criminal, we should end this chapter, Chiku will get her parents if destined, we are taking care of […]

  • […] slaps her. Inspector asks whose daughter is Chiku, tell us. Hira says I don’t know anything. He says don’t lie, you told Nupur about it. Nupur takes the money and says I have to do this for Chiku’s happiness. […]

  • […] to Abhi and go. Shefali sees Aarohi checking inside the airport. Akshu thinks the people asking her to say the truth, few people get love, fight for […]

  • […] Hira says then leave, I m fine here, you won’t get anyone to tell you the truth, I swear I will tell you the truth. Nupur gives her the key. Hira acts in front of the constable. Nupur asks her to say the truth now. Hira says go now, I have to leave from here. Nupur says tell me fast. Hira says don’t waste my time, I will tell you later. Nupur goes outside and waits for Hira. […]

  • Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 18th January 2022 Written Update: Thapki informs about her pregnancy » statusmarket says:

    […] Purab says I don’t give a damn. He says he will search Thapki. Thapki returns home. Hansika thinks why did she return? Purab goes to Thapki and hugs her making a crying face. He asks where did you go, everyone was worried for you. Dadi asks him to bring her inside and asks her to sit. Purab makes her sit. Dadi asks where did you go and what has happened? Vinod asks her to say something. Veena says she doesn’t care about herself and tried to ruin our respect. […]

  • […] me for this marriage. She recalls everything. Krisha realizes it was all plotted. She leaves. Devraj says please listen. Krisha says when I met you first I thought I met my dream man but I was your opportunity. Devrak […]

  • […] He keeps asking. She cries. He asks why did you do this, you love me, then why did you refuse, I want all my answers today. He says tell me, why did you reject my alliance, when you love me, you made me a joke in front of ev… […]

  • […] you know the truth, tell me, don’t get scared. Mini worries. Nupur says I won’t make you out, tell me the truth, are you really my Payal. Chiku thinks about how did Nupur know that Mini isn’t her Payal. Nupur […]

  • […] take the complaint back. Prafulla comes and stops Anita. Rishita stops her and asks her to leave. She asks the auto driver to take Prafulla away. Anita signs the papers. She tells the truth to the Inspector. She apologizes. Suman says free my […]

  • […] nothing wrong will happen with you, who has sent you here as Payal. Mini sees Kamini. Nupur shouts tell me the truth. Milind says enough now, you are a mum, how can you be so insensitive. Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 21st […]

  • […] remembering her past. She imagines Anant asking him to reveal to Abhay that she is remembering him. Abhay says there is no one else here than them. She says she is remembering her past celebration with him. Anant asks her to tell truth. Abhay says […]

  • […] case. Prem says this woman was there in the marriage. Sejal says yes, she is Gauri, she will tell the truth. Balika Vadhu Season 2 21st January 2022 Written […]

  • […] thinking Shahana Maasi is pregnant and says how he will be happy if he comes to know about you. She says she thought to tell him the truth, and recalled how my parents separated. She says I couldn’t tell Ranbir about his life’s biggest happiness and says sorry. Ranbir is […]

  • […] I m also finding her. He throws things and asks her to say where is Raavi. He breaks many things. Anita and Prafulla worry. They say we don’t know about […]

  • […] name and went searching her if Preesha is really alive. Bunty denies. Vyjayanti and Sharda plead to tell truth. Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th January 2022 Written […]

  • […] by mistake. He thanks the guests for joining. The guests leave. Nupur says don’t lie, you have to tell the truth, one has to accept the truth sometimes, I request you, say the truth, you aren’t my Payal. Chikoo […]

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