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Namak Issk Ka 16th June 2021 Written Update Kahani takes her case back

Namak Issk Ka 24th May 2021 Written Update: Saroj talks about the division of the house.
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Namak Issk Ka 16th June 2021 Written Update Kahani takes her case back

Namak Issk Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Yug saying Saroj that he needs to suffer the pain. He walks away while Gunjan says that finally she got what she wanted. Rupa says that she can’t keep others things for long and one day she need to return it. Gunjan says that Yug is completely hers now and asks her stay by Kahani’s side if she feels so bad for her and leaves.

Raunak comes to Rupa and taunts her. He leaves calling her home. Iravati meets with Lawyer and he says what Ravikant said. He asks what he got to do now. Iravati invites him for tea. Kahani wants to leave when Doctor tries stopping her. Lawyer asks her to stay as he will handle everything. Kahani asks how dare he to come there. She says that it’s because of him her life is spoilt and her husband married another person. She sends him away. Doctor tries stopping but Kahani pleads him to let her go.

Yug and everyone comes home. Yug looks at the mandap. Saroj asks to clean the place else he would be hurt more looking it. Gunjan gives him sweet to eat. Saroj asks him to eat too as its ritual. Yug recalls feeding sweets to Kahani and their sweet moments. He takes the sweet. Gunjan asks him to leave some for her too. He looks on. Iravati is meeting with her and Kahani’s lawyer. He says about Kahani’s anger. Iravati asks me them to prove that it’s Ravikant who’s involved in both Kahani’s mother and sister’s death. She says that the more she is angered the more she will get urge to fight which in return increases hatred for Kahani in Yug’s mind. She says that Ravikant needs to be in jail in order to make Yug forget Kahani completely.

Kahani comes to police station and meets up with Inspector. Kahani takes her case back. Inspector asks the reason for which she said sge changed her mind. Ravikant asks her not to and let him suffer for his mistake. Kahani stands firm and Inspector releases Ravikant. Iravati says that nothing can be changed as everything happened due to the situation. Rupa says that she won’t stand by wrong. Raunak says that everyone supports the marriage and taunts her. Saroj wishes for Ravikant to come back. Door bell rings and Ravikant stands there. He says Kahani took back the case. Everyone gets happy and Gunjan is the happiest. She wants to take arti but Iravati says she will do it. She goes aside and calls lawyer and scolds them.

Iravati is about to take Aarti when Kahani says that she will do it. She says that it is his jail and he needs to stay here all his life and watch her tears and suffering. She says that she lost her childhood and mother because of him and now she even lost her love because of him and he needs to cry all his life seeing it and that’s her punishment for him. She takes his Aarti and brings him in. Daadi gives her blessing to Yug and Gunjan and asks them to start their new life. They found the room decorated for first night and asks who did it. Kahani steps up and says that it’s her. She says he likes roses so she removed the thorns and kept it to herself so that he can enjoy the softness. Gunjan asks her to light up aroma candles as flowers are old fashioned. Kahani agrees to do it. Rupa decides to put an end to it.

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