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Namak Issk Ka 19th May 2021 Written Update Yug tells Kahani our victory has began


Namak Issk Ka 19th May 2021 Written Update Yug tells Kahani our victory has began

Namak Issk Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Saroj telling she will do all the preparations alone and asking Yug and Kahani to get ready. Grandmother tells what is going on? Gunjan tells Raunak as soon as everybody left you started commenting,everyone in this house are useless and you are the most useless.Raunak tells everyone thinks he is a ball and they are bat so everyone comes and keep hitting me. Rupa tells Yug and Kahani have some misunderstanding,Iravati does not have any powers. Ravikant thinks Yug and Kahani are right and everyone else have misunderstanding and whatever happened atleast Kahani got accepted as daughter-in-law. Kahani dresses up and Yug ties her blouse lace. Saroj prepares bedroom for Yug and Kahani.

Yug tells Kahani our victory has began with Saroj accepting us. Saroj tells one dancer ruined my life and she is preparing bed for another dancer. Saroj hugs Yug and Kahani. Kahani tells she cannot believe that Saroj accepted her and all this seems like a dream. Saroj takes Rani with her leaving Yug and Kahani alone. Kahani tells she is feeling sleepy. Yug tells but he won’t let her sleep,today he will love her and make preparations for a lot of kids. Saroj tells today she has bled and soon Kahani’s dream will bleed out of her eyes.

Saroj tells Rani to sleep and pats her head. Iravati calls Saroj and tells what if Kahani becomes pregnant? Saroj cuts the call and goes to sleep. Iravati tells today you stayed quiet but if my promise to Gunjan broke you will have to answer. Rani wakes up from sleep and hears Lucky’s voice calling her. Yug removes Kahani’s ghoonghat. Saroj plays Lucky’s voice in her phone and Rani wakes up from her sleep. Rani wakes up Saroj and tells Lucky was calling me. Saroj tells her Iravati won’t be able to kidnap Lucky and he is safe.

Yug removes Kahani’s jhumkas telling they keep kissing your cheeks in front of me. He removes Kahani’s bangles. Saroj plays the audio of Lucky calling Rani again. Yug and Kahani move closer and Saroj knocks on their door. Saroj tells she cannot find Rani anywhere. Yug and Kahani start looking for Rani. Iravati asks Saroj where did you send Rani? Kahani and Yug bring Rani,Rani is scared and tells Lucky is here only. Rani tells they are dangerous people and they can harm Lucky.

Yug tells Rani he will video call Lucky in morning. Kahani scolds Rani for talking with disrespect with the elders. Saroj tells she separated Yug and Kahani for tonight. Iravati tells you know my nature but now it seems you don’t know my nature. Saroj tells she will turn the game around. Kahani tells she cannot understand what happened to Rani suddenly and how can Lucky come here. The episode ends with Saroj telling she won’t let Kahani fulfil any of her dreams or her Suhagraat. Saroj tells she is Kahani’s mother-in-law so it is her right to bother her daughter-in-law.

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