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Namak Issk Ka 21st June 2021 Written Update Kahani Rupa expose Iravati’s truth

Namak Issk Ka 24th May 2021 Written Update: Saroj talks about the division of the house.
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Namak Issk Ka 21st June 2021 Written Update Kahani Rupa expose Iravati’s truth

Namak Issk Ka The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Rupa and Kahani hugging. Rupa tells Kahani she doesn’t consider Rupa as her own sister that is why she is thanking her. Kahani tells Rupa we have to explain to Gunjan that this marriage will ruin all our lives. Kahani and Rupa overhears the lawyer telling Iravati to give his and the news reporters money. Kahani tells we have to keep it a secret from Iravati that we know everything. Gunjan asks Kahani where was she last night. Kahani tells she won’t believe her anyways so what is the use in telling truth? Gunjan tells Kahani you might have mixed something in the milk. Kahani tells she has a lot more work than mixing something in her milk. Kahani tells Gunjan she remembered something important and leaves from there. Yug tells Kahani he was looking for her. Yug tells Kahani marrying Gunjan was his mistake.

Kahani tells what if Gunjan is wrong and asks Yug to wait till afternoon before telling about last night to Gunjan. Grandmother calls Kahani and Saroj asks her where was she last night? Grandmother tells this is Yug’s bedsheet and your smell is coming from it. Kahani stays silent. Grandmother tells weren’t you ashamed last night? Saroj tells Kahani you left Yug but now when he wants to start a new life you are back again. Saroj tells she is ashamed that she trusted Kahani. Grandmother tells it is her profession to trap guys. Gunjan tells now either Kahani will stay in this house or her.

Yug hurts himself and Saroj tells Gunjan to bring medicine. Saroj asks Yug if Kahani was in his room last night? Yug lies that he was alone last night and how can they do such talk with Kahani. Gunjan tells Yug to let her apply medicine to his wound. Yug tells Gunjan he will take care of himself. Kahani tells Ravikant now she is used to all this. Yug applies medicine on Kahani’s wound. Gunjan tells Iravati that Yug is lying. Iravati tells she knows something is wrong. Rupa tells Gunjan she always knew Yug loves Kahani so why is she doing all this drama?

Rupa tells let us organize a function to change the mood. Kahani records Iravati telling today all wishes will be fulfilled and sends it to the lawyer. Saroj and Iravati are happy with the function. Yug is looking for Kahani to prove what she wants. Rupa thinks today no one can stop Kahani. Juhi brings Gunjan for Grihapravesh. Rupa tells Yug it is a ritual and he has to fulfill it. Gunjan finishes the ritual with Yug and everyone showers them with flower. Raunak tells Yug is lucky and he marries from Monday to Friday. Yug does marriage before brush in morning. Raunak tells grandmother that all this marriage calls for celebration. The episode ends with Kahani telling to prepare for celebration.

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